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Top 5 Blow-Off Classes at VT Guaranteed to Get You an A

Are you struggling to keep up your GPA? Are you just a few credits shy of graduating? Are you a little illiterate? There’s no shame in taking a blow-off class to get back on track—everyone needs an easy A now and then. However, with the multitude of courses offered, finding the perfect GPA builder can be a bit daunting. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a cheat sheet to a few of the easiest A’s at Virginia Tech.


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#5–ARBC 3984 Advanced Arabic: Taking an effortless class but still want to be a little worldlier? Try Advanced Arabic. Take five minutes out of the week to do the assignments, daydream during class, and then breeze through the exams by setting an hour aside the night before to master a language with no English crossovers whatsoever. Can you say قائمة العميد?!


#4–BIOL 4854 Cytogenetics: Upperclassmen, it can be embarrassing to be seen studying anything as elementary as the techniques used to identify and classify both normal and aberrant chromosomes, but an A is an A and it sure will look good on your transcript when applying to the cutthroat world of Graduate Business Administration programs.


#3–MATH 5474 Finite Difference Methods: For this guaranteed GPA booster, as long as you know the methods for linear and nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations there’s no way you’re not going to ace this course. However, since it is so basic you may find it a little dull. Use that class time to sneak in a quick nap before heading to that notoriously difficult Music Appreciation class.


#2–PHYS 5504 Nuclear and Particle Physics: Assuming you graduated high school, Nuclear and Particle Physics is the go-to class for anyone needing to send some A’s home to Mom and Dad. They don’t need to know it was anything as mundane as the properties of nuclear force, alpha and beta decay, and fission. But if they find out, you can always say you took it as a joke!


#1–CHEM 5525 X-ray Crystallography: The methods of single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction for the determination of the atomic arrangement of atoms within crystalline materials are pretty much common knowledge. You may not want to be seen in this remedial course even the athletes scoff at, but are you willing to let your pride get in the way of a promising career in Physical Education? 


Take your pick. Any of these courses is going to put you on the path towards a better GPA. Need a 4.0 this semester? Fully commit and take all five, but don’t be surprised when you find yourself bored from all the downtime. And if any of these courses prove too difficult for you, it might be time to call it quits on your dreams and settle for something even simpler like a degree in Electrical Engineering. 

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