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7 Ways To Kill Time While Waiting in the TOTS Line


There’s nothing we Hokies love more than TOTS Tuesday! And you know what that means –all of your Wednesday classes starting before 2 p.m. is a no-go. If you are among the few who’ve mastered the scheduling of your classes around TOTS Tuesday to accommodate your Wednesday hangovers, this artfully planned list of things you can do while waiting in the TOTS line is for you:


7.) Start the “Let’s Go” Chant:
It’s a classic way to get people going and this line is taking way too damn long, there’s no better way of telling people to move along than screaming “Let’s Go!” at them.


6.) Get Shocked into Reality that You’re Graduating Soon:
Shit fam. You’re old enough to drink, you’re old enough to walk across that sorry excuse for a stage to the tune of Pompous Circumcision –or whatever it’s called.


5.) Tip Over the Parking Services Mini Truck:
It’s probably right behind you in the Squire’s parking lot. Have someone hold your spot in line, you’ll be fine. Do it for your fans, do it for Worldstar.


4.) Pick Worms Out of the Street:
Chances are, you’re in Blacksburg. Better chances are, it’s raining. Even better chances are, there are going to be some worm deaths in the masses. Be a friend to the earth and pick those suckers out of the street, we don’t want them clogging up the treads on our tires.


3.) Start a Pan Flute Band:
The hippies at the Saturday farmer’s markets seem to really dig that kind of stuff. There could be some serious money in a flute cover of Enter Sandman –correction: there will be some serious money in a pan flute cover of Enter Sandman.


2.)  Pick Up Some Hunnies:
Give the age-old “look left, right and left again” a whole new meaning while scouring the line for some eye candy. After all, you’re not really here for a long time, but you’re here for a good time –and some rails.


1.) Read The Black Sheep:
Because everyone loves us; we’re funny and we keep it real. Also we’re not afraid of shameless self-promotion.



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