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Tragedy In Pritchard: Freshman Hosting Dorm Party Accidentally Plays Mr. Sandman Instead Of Enter Sandman

Students in Pritchard were in distress Friday night after a freshman hosting a dorm party played the 1950’s bop “Mr. Sandman” instead of the Metallica anthem “Enter Sandman.”

The student, clearly a freshman, requested to remain anonymous when interviewed for this story.

“The party was getting pretty lit, there were like four girls there,” said the student. “When I tried to play ‘Enter Sandman’ to get everyone even more hyped I clicked the wrong song. It was all downhill from there.”

According to police reports, two of the party-goers were hospitalized after losing consciousness when the song came on.

Campus security are considering a ban on the song in an effort to prevent a tragedy like this from occurring again.

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