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Turner Reaches Maximum Capacity, Causes Mini Earthquake


It’s 12:25 and you’re running to make your 12:30 class, but you’re also starving because you’ve been in class since 9:30. You’re debating whether or not you have enough time to run through the to-go line at Turner, but you know that’s a joke. And between all your hanger, you’re wishing hunger on everyone, when suddenly, the ground begins shaking. On Tuesday afternoon, that’s just what happened.


Yesterday reports came in that Turner had officially hit its maximum capacity standards, causing a mini earthquake, and damaging the structure. Luckily no one was injured, but on lookers said it was very traumatic.


“I was just waiting in the Qdoba line for over an hour and was finally at the front when the lady told me they were out of chips, then everything started shaking. I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t even get to eat,” junior Peyton Pellington said.


During busy lunch hours, getting anything at Turner quickly has been a drag. With so many students cramming inside at once, there was always the fear of not having a table to sit at or waiting in line for an hour. Clearly stuffed to its brim, the dining hall couldn’t support the weight any longer.


“We should have saw this kind of thing coming when we admitted too many students for our campus to handle this semester, but we voted on it and decided to wing it,” a Virginia Tech Official said.


There have already been reports of the speculation on what new restaurants will be added during the remodel to fix the damage.


“I really hope it’s a Chick-fil-a with milkshakes or Burger 37. Maybe a to-go coffee line that doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes too,” Pellington continued.


Thankfully the Turner Disaster is behind us. Virginia Tech is working tirelessly to make life easier for its students, since its filled campus to its limits with them. Until then, time to head back to D2 until the damage is fixed!



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