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Two-Factor Authentication to Be Utilized at Battle of Bristol


Tomorrow is the Battle of Bristol, a football game like no other. The Virginia Tech Hokies will travel to the Bristol Motor Speedway to take on the Tennessee Volunteers, with the biggest crowd to ever watch a football game in history. While the game will be broadcasted live on ABC, many Hokies are traveling to the Speedway to add to this historic crowd. And because Tech is always busy inventing the future and wants to ensure the safety of students, it’s unveiling a new way to make sure you don’t lose your friends in the crowd: Two-Factor Authentication Location Services.


“We have been planning for this game for years,” A Virginia Tech Official said. “When we introduced Two-Factor Login, people were very upset. Now, it’s time for them to know why we did it.”


Every time you login with Two-Factor Authentication, it saves the time and location of your login. Now, with Two-Factor Authentication Location Services, you can add friends to a special circle. This circle will get updates on your location based on where you logged in with Two-factor.


“Essentially, every time a student or teacher logs into Canvas or Hokie Spa, we know exactly where they are and what time they went on. We are simply allowing students to share that information with other select students, so that they can never be lost,” the school official continued.


This system was engineered as a fail-safe method of locating students during times of emergency. It is a great way to make sure you don’t lose your drunken friends at your campsite or the actual game, which was proved successful during a test run downtown Blacksburg.


Christina Pear, one of the original app testers, said, “It’s almost like dropping a pin, but more accurate I’d say. You can also chat with someone once you’ve locked in on their location. So when I went to TOTS and forgot to tell my friends at Big Als I was leaving, I just logged onto Two-Factor and told them where I was.”


Since initial testing, the app creators have added a new feature called the “Let’s Go” button. In times where students find themselves without any cell reception, like a crowded football stadium and campsite, they can hit the emergency “Let’s Go” button. With or without service, your phone will shout “LETS GO” as loud as it possibly can, allowing your lost friend to shout back “HOKIES” so you can go locate them.


“The ‘Let’s Go’ button is super helpful when cell service sucks. We just shout as loud as we can until we find each other. The only problem is using it in a place full of Hokies, because everybody will answer you back,” Pear said.


Before heading out to Bristol Motor Speedway, make sure to download the Duo Mobile App (like you have a choice) and stay in the loop with your friends and family by always having your phone with you to login, and creating a record of everywhere you’ve used a Hokie website. You never know when it could save your life–or your friend’s drunk ass. 

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