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Virginia Tech Unaware of Anything Cool That Ever Happens Here

On Friday, September 19, at 9:45 a.m., The Black Sheep walked into Squires Student Center expecting outrageous lines and possibly fist fights over Chance The Rapper tickets.


What we found, unfortunately, was a quiet line of about 100 people calmly waiting and wondering, “What am I waiting in this line for again?”


It seems that as Virginia Tech becomes more advanced in Engineering and Science, the general population’s knowledge of things that are cool plunges in opposite direction.


We had a moment of hope when the first person in line said they had in fact been waiting since 10pm Thursday night (tickets went on sale 10am Friday morning) that there were a few trendy people left at Virginia Tech. However, 18-year-old Matt made sure to clarify that he “doesn’t actually care that much about Chance The Rapper” and “just thought it would be cool to brag about being first in line.” 


After failing to talk to anyone with actual passion or interest in the concert and hearing someone legitimately ask, “Is Chance the Rapper a rapper?” The Black Sheep fled the scene before we caught the disease that seems to be spreading out of the engineering department and into the minds of every Virginia Tech student. 

If you reading this right now are as distraught as we are, hit us up, and we’ll go see Chance together. 


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