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VT Student Friend Zoned by Amateur Instagram Model on Trip to Myrtle Beach

Mike, Sara, and her brother, Justin, three friends from Virginia Tech, recently set out on a road trip to Myrtle Beach in search of fun, love, and validation on Instagram.

“Our original plans were to take a gap year and travel across the country,” said Sara as she casually opened Snapchats, mostly from guys, without responding to them. “But my stupid parents don’t understand that I’m a rising Instagram star and wouldn’t fund it.”

Mike had different plans for his week at “Dirty Myrty”, however,  as he and Sara have been friends ever since she grinded on him at a Halloweekend party at JMU his freshman year. He has since transferred to Virginia Tech to be nearer to her.

“Yeah, so, like, Sara’s really hot and I like her a lot, but she likes to play hard to get,” Mike revealed after taking a drag of a hand-rolled cigarette. “I really felt like we were finally gonna connect that week. I had been hyping her up on Snapchat and everything.”

“Mike just isn’t my type,” Sara commented. “I kissed him once at TOTS, but his breath tasted like weed and those rolled cigs he’s always smoking.”

Her brother, Justin, had his own thoughts on Mike and Sara’s relationship.

“I swear they only wanted me to come because I have a Jeep,” Justin remarked with crossed arms and a clenched jaw. “My sister has always been the center of attention since she was little. She always has some new boy toy that she meets at Hokie House or Center Street. Nothing is different about Mike except his weird dedication to her.”

When they finally arrived to their Airbnb, Sara and Justin both took a separate bedroom. Mike was left alone after unsuccessfully trying to take his bags into Sara’s room.

“Mike tried to room with me at the apartment,” Sara scoffed. “It’s not my fault he fell in love with me. Sometimes I see that he accidentally liked my bikini pics from last summer late at night, but I don’t mind. I’ll take all the likes I can get.”

The rest of the week Justin relaxed with a book on the beach. Mike was constantly ditched by Sara to meet with guys she met on Tinder, and despite Sara’s beach posts getting the most likes and comments from guys that her account has seen, she has yet to be contacted by a modeling agency.

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