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Where Different VT Majors Go to Die



It’s the final stretch of the semester, and let’s face it, your ass is dragging and your mom told you that she isn’t adding anymore cash to your meal plan which means no more caffeine or eating your feelings in Bruegger’s Bagels. You’ve spent the past six nights sleeping at the library and you’re at the point where death doesn’t seem too far away. Here at The Black Sheep, we’ve compiled a list of where you can find some of our fellow Hokie majors literally dying.


Engineering: Library/Goodwin Hall/Anywhere


Where VT Majors Go to Die  - VT - Final.Engineers


Engineering majors have it harder than any of us (at least they constantly remind us that they do). When they’re not telling everyone about how much studying they need to do, they can be seen passed out in several locations on campus. It doesn’t matter where, as long as they can sprawl out. They know they have a right, since they’ll be inventing the future, designing new buildings and other shit that us ‘common folk’ just don’t understand.


English: Shanks Hall


Where VT Majors Go to Die  - VT - Final.English


That’s an actual building? Wait, you can study English at Virginia Tech? Yes, yes, you can, and Shanks Hall is where the mysterious English majors gather. They prefer the low-key and distressed vibe of Shanks, which is frequently littered with cadets. You can find them writing a sixteen-page paper on Mrs. Dalloway an hour before it’s due, cleaning off their wide framed glasses, or passed the eff out in the atrium, clutching a Starbucks cup and using a Norton Anthology as a pillow.


Animal and Poultry Science: The Duck Pond


Where VT Majors Go to Die  - VT - Final.AnimalScience


When they’re not learning how to wrestle some sort of livestock to the ground or studying the mating habits of our dear ducks, they can be seen being one with nature and falling asleep to the sound of the little birdies at the Duck Pond. Gotta catch some shut eye to get that GPA high enough for vet school at Tech.


University Studies: Torg Bridge


Where VT Majors Go to Die  - VT - Final.UStudies


Usually these majors are freshmen and don’t know where the hell they belong, so they go mainstream and use Torg Bridge as their studying quarters. Except it’s usually more of a napping/post-weekend hangover lounge, especially since food and drink is forbidden, which equals no Pete’s Coffee (like that stops anyone), but it’s an excuse for the people who get overwhelmed from not knowing what to do with their life to go and continue to be unproductive.


Psychology Major (AKA Athletes): Also Anywhere


Where VT Majors Go to Die  - VT - Final.Psychology


When they are done running the steps at Lane, icing their ‘swole’ muscles (eye roll), then studying Freud (just a little), they’ll make their way from the west side of campus to make it to their mandatory class, but not before a quick nap! They can be seen stretching out those sore muscles while gettin’ cuddly with a set of steps. Just don’t disturb them; we want a winning football season people. Let them rest now.


Whether you’re nearly dead or getting through somehow, just keep on truckin’, the end is near. Also, make sure to check fellow Hokie’s pulses. April can be rough.


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