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Your Attitude at this Point of the Semester Described by Hoda Kotb


As Virginia Tech students, we are currently experiencing a wide variety of attitudes and emotions as spring semester comes to a close and summer break approaches. Whether you are a graduating senior terrified to set foot in the real world or a freshman just proud of yourself for surviving your first year of college, the lovely and expressive Hoda Kotb is here to help us sum up the attitudes of Virginia Tech students at this point in the semester.


6.) “That’s right, bitch. I did it”:



You’ve almost made it through yet another semester of school. Even though you really don’t know how you did it, you’re still gonna flaunt it, loud and proud.


5.) “What am I doing with my life…”:



You’re at the point in the semester when you are reevaluating all of your life choices, realizing that you actually hate your major, and are genuinely considering dropping out of school to join a weed dispensary in Colorado.  


4.) “HA”:



You’re only reaction to when someone asks if you finally know what you want to do with your life. Because finishing one more semester of school has obviously helped you decide all of your incredibly important life decisions. Plz, you can’t even make your own dentist appointment.


3.) “MAMA, I MADE IT”:



You have no idea how you successfully made it through another semester at Tech without losing your sanity or overdosing on coffee.


2.) “I can finally get a dog!”:



This goes for graduating seniors. While you aren’t necessarily ready in any capacity for the real world, you are more than ready to move somewhere that is dog friendly. You’re no longer in classes, so you can devote every second of your life to your new pupper.


1.) “What have I done”:







It’s that point in the semester where you’re finally able to sit back, read a book, and really think about how much coffee and alcohol you’ve consumed over the course of the semester.




No matter your attitude at this point in the semester, one thing is true: Virginia Tech has been your home away from home for yet another semester.




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