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10 Snapchats Every UVA Kid Has Taken


We’ve all been there. Trying to find the subtlest, least embarrassing way to take a selfie. Some go for the nonchalant, don’t-give-a-fuck strategy and take a picture of their face without changing any features at all, while others have embraced the humiliating phenomenon and blatantly raise their phones in the air, tilt their heads, and give the signature open-mouthed smile. We all take Snapchats. In fact, you’ve probably taken at least one of these top 10 “UVA kid” Snapchats during your time at the university…


10.) The “Zoom in on sleepy stranger in Aldy”:


The classic gradual zooming in on the face. Whether we’re the victims of it or the perpetrators, we can guarantee you’ve all checked Snapchat and gotten up-close and personal with someone we’ve never even met.


9.) The “Basketball Boy”:



Whether you’re walking to class or hanging out at Boylan, it’s impossible not to take a picture of this rare celebrity sighting. Don’t forget to circle a red heart around London Perrantes’ face and type “Bae.”


8.) The “Strawberries from O’Hill”:



It may coincidentally be Parents Weekend or Days on the Lawn, but you don’t even care because O’Hill actually has nutritious food for once.  


7.) The “tree”. Literally any tree. Just a tree.:



Although Charlottesville is quite beautiful in the fall, you don’t have to take a picture of a tree just because its leaves turned orange.


6.) The “Stairs to the dungeons of Clem”:



Often featuring the caption “RIP”, the death stairs going down to Clem 1 take so long that they have actually become a trademark in the UVA Snapchat. It’s even likely that you’ll take another 10-second video 8 hours later, announcing your emergence from the depths of hell.


5.) The “Drunklings”:



With a snap of the famous Marco and Luca’s dumplings, you’ve proven that not only did you go out, but you also stood in line for an hour to buy knock-off frozen food from Costco. 2 birds. 1 stone.


4.) The “Look HOO I Found”:




Whether an alumnus comes back to visit or you meet up with a friend over break, rarely has a UVA kid seen another UVA kid without snapping a picture of him or her and putting their spelling skills to shame.


3.) The “Rotunda in the Sunlight (with Starbs)”:



Do we really need to explain this one?


2.) The “Frat Party Panorama”:




Don’t pretend like you’ve never done it. If we don’t take a picture of it, did we really go out? All it takes is one swoop of the camera over a sea of sweaty people and BAM, you’re cool.


1.) The “Bodos Hangover”:



There really is no doubt that the perfect cure to a regrettable night is the Bodo’s bagel, usually with the caption “#blessed.”

If you’re now saying to yourself, “damn, I’m basic AF,” you’re probably right, but let us unite in our mockery of the millennial generation. Thomas Jefferson would be proud that his esteemed university could be summed up in 10 pictures that disappear into oblivion after 24 hours.

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