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10 Things Fourth Years Would Rather Be Doing Than Finishing This Semester


Face it, this semester sucks. Doing work? Forget about it, especially when you’re about to graduate. With this hella nice weather and plethora of dogs chasing frisbees on The Lawn, so here’s 10 things fourth years would rather be doing… 


10.) Sitting on the Lawn:




Having a picnic, or tanning, or something. Not doing homework. Yes; the Lawn is a much more pleasing environment than the encroaching walls of Alderman, but we’d much rather be getting “laid out,” eating our Roots Bowl without the time crunch of turning in this paper before 7p.m. We won’t be here forever, you know. 


9.) Drinking on Boylan’s Patio:




Fourth years with little-to-no classes have the life. We stroll home down 14th Street each afternoon (we’re talking early, like 12p.m.) to see people already getting their drink on. Maybe try bringing homework to Boylan; multitasking is totally possible, right? Wrong. It’s a trap.


8.) Hiding In A Cocoon Hammock:




Not only do hammocks make it possible to mask your identity, you can totally escape your problems. At the end of the semester, you can emerge as the beautiful little butterfly that you truly are…just with a few classes you’ll need to retake since you probably missed all of your finals.


7.) Dancing at Trinity:

During the daytime. Trinity is usually everyone’s last stop, but with how this semester is going, it’s necessary to start earlier and get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible. You might look crazy at first dancing alone, but people will start to join you and realize they’ve really been missing out all along.


6.) Watching the ‘Hoos:

No one should ever have to miss a basketball game due to classes. A 5p.m. game today means you’ll need to start drinking beer at…11a.m.? This could be the last time you can watch a game as a True ‘Hoo! If you didn’t get out of your prior obligations, then you should probably drop out now. If you don’t care about Tony Bennett, then we don’t care about you or how your semester is going.


5.) Attending A Darty:




Frats should really start having those in the middle of the week. Face it, your professors don’t know who you are anyway, and won’t realize that you’re missing. Kegs, kegs for everyone!


4.) Drinking Wine With TJ:




If you’re at Jefferson Vineyards, then it’s kind of like you’re still at UVa. Wine tastings are educational. Well, Tech has it as a course for actual credit, so maybe we won’t do that.


3.) Hiking Humpback:




It’s really sad that people would consider physical exhaustion over completing their time at UVA, but we’re with you on that one. Don’t bother trying to make it their by sunrise, though. That shows too much dedication and will make your professors think you still have a little bit of steam left.


2.) Sleeping:

All day. Everyday. There’s really nothing better.


1.) Literally Anything Else:

Eating dumplings, climbing the Rotunda, eating Arch’s, streaking the Lawn, eating pizza, taking an admissions tour, eating Take It Away, walking downtown, oh, and don’t forget eating.

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