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10 Things To Do While Waiting For The Bus


UTS buses are notorious for ruining peoples’ lives. The only thing worse than missing the bus by literally 2 seconds is the shitty TransLoc app on your phone that continues to tell you lies. What could you be doing in the moments you waste waiting for buses that never come? We’re glad you asked…

10.) Have a dance party:

Use your phone to blare obnoxious 80s dance music as loudly as possible, find a disco ball app, leave your shame behind and dance the night away. And when the bus finally arrives, why stop? Did you think those silver poles in the middle of the aisle were for safety? We’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re not. They’re actually for spontaneous pole-dancing.


9.) Go grocery shopping:

Waiting for the bus near Old Dorms? Or maybe New Dorms? Stop by The Castle, or Crossroads, and pick yourself up some Ben & Jerry’s. If you’re waiting at the bus stop by yourself, you can drown your sorrows in ice cream. Or, maybe this can be your excuse to branch out and meet new friends. Offer your bus-waiting buddy some of your Half Baked. On the bright side, if he rejects you, you will still have other friends… like Ben… and Jerry.


8.) Do all of the homework:

You’re going to be stuck for a while, so you might as well be productive while you’re at it. The bus delay will allow you enough time to quit the procrastinating and get some real work done! Then, when you eventually get home, you can actually sleep!


Yes, we’re kidding.


7.) Grab dinner with a friend:

Most bus stops are near some sort of food. Text all of your friends- at least one of them will be free and hungry. Meet up, walk to the nearest joint that accepts meal swipes, and grab some dinner. Rekindle old friendships, maybe even spark a new romantic flame in the salad bar line. Even if the bus says it’s coming in two minutes and you’re just starting on your ice milk, don’t worry, it will soon update, and you’ll get another hour to eat as much food as possible.


6.) Do all of your homework for tomorrow night:

After you’ve done all your work for that night (ha), and eaten dinner with friends, you’ll be looking for something else to do. Hey, you’re going to get a great night’s sleep tonight, and you’re going to feel great tomorrow. Why not extend that another day and do all your homework for tomorrow night too?! Or you could, you know, procrastinate some more. We’ll let you decide.



5.) Workout:

You can run in place, do squats, go through a cycle of yoga, or run up and down the stairs closest to you. Either way, you can get in that solid two hours that TJ recommends. Yeah, get that rockin’ bod just in time to cover it up in frumpy holiday sweaters, and claim to be better than your friends because you actually took the time to do something active! Plus if it rains, you can just take your post-workout shower on the sidewalk.


4.) Bake brownies:

When it’s not raining, the temperature outside is hot enough to cook brownies. And, taking normal UTS bus wait times into account, you’ll surely have enough time to bake your brownies…and eat them too. Besides, who doesn’t have an emergency brownie kit in their bag? Oh, everyone? Our bad.


3.) Watch a movie:

Finally! You can catch up on all the Netflix that you’ve been adding to your list but never watching. Nevermore will your friends spoil the endings of movies, or what happened in last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, because you’ll get to watch it all live on your laptop, without shitty glitches thanks to the reliable Cavalier wi-fi, as you await your carriage.  


2.) Make “friends”:

Say hello to everyone who passes by. Try to engage them in conversation. You never know when you’ll meet the one. A survey we did of two couples that randomly passed by us on the street yesterday showed that 97.6% of all UVa couples meet at bus stops. The other 2.4% meet on Tinder.



1.) Take those “friends” out to Bodos:

To cement the new “friendship”, buy your acquaintance some dank bagels, because nothing says “I want to be your friend and distract myself from the boringness of doing nothing” like a nice ass bagel. If you’re looking to further the relationship, just go ahead and propose marriage. Also, get on the wait list for a wedding at The Chapel. You’ll probably get off of the waitlist and have your honeymoon by the time the bus actually comes.



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