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2018 UVa Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

Your NCAA brackets may be ruined after we made history on Friday, but the UVa Drunk Food Bracket is still going strong. Results for Round 2 are in! Still in the running for Round 3 are classic UVa staples: Christian’s, Insomnia, Sheetz, and Got Dumplings.

If you feel very strongly about any of these options, head on over to Twitter and vote for the finalists!!

Christian’s (1) vs. Insomnia (3):
Here is your savory vs. sweet matchup. An age-old debate that can only be determined by the cravings your drunk body is telling you you need.

If you’re anything like us in your drunkenness and often decide that you need a full course meal, then Christian’s is by far the most fulfilling option. A greasy slice of pizza is never not a great idea at 2 a.m.

Insomnia has the smartest marketing team on the Corner because they deliver till 3 a.m. This means that you don’t even need to leave the comfort of the couch you stumbled to (and probably will sleep on). In addition, a warm gooey cookie really hits the spot if you have a sweet tooth.

Sheetz (1) vs. Got Dumplings (3):
Here we have a battle of Old vs. New. Will you stay loyal to the Dumpling Cart dumplings that have been steadfast and reliable for years? Or will you take a risk and go on the new adventure that is Sheetz?

Despite the perplexing nature of a gas station without gas, Sheetz provides the variety and the affordability that the Corner has been lacking. You’re also almost guaranteed to run into the drunk friends you lost earlier in the night.

Got Dumplings:
Got Dumplings may not have as many options but what it does have is high quality and reliable for a fair price. It also guarantees and fulfilling meal.

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