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5 of the Hardest Classes You Can Take at UVa

UVa is a school that’s notorious for being difficult. Everyone knows that a diploma received here has been fought for using brains, brawns, and lots of bribes. So, no one is too shocked to learn that classes here are difficult. But there are some UVa classes that are way more difficult than they need to be.

5.) Spanish 2020 / French 2020 / Any Language 2020:
The UVa philosophy on language learning seems to be “if we give you enough homework you’ll eventually know what you’re doing,” making the 2020 level of languages here a literal nightmare. Most students are only taking 2020 because it’s the last class necessary to fulfill their language requirement, and they’ve made it through every other level of this class with a little more knowledge than “hello, how are you?” Suddenly, they’re in this class with homework that seems like it’s in another language (hint: lol because it is).

4.) ENWRs:
Why, oh why does UVa have a writing requirement? Sure, writing is a ‘useful skill’ that ‘makes it easier to get a job’ but it’s also really hard. We all know how to write well enough to convince admissions to let us in, shouldn’t that be good enough?

3.) Kinesiology:
When you’re signing up for your classes, you have a sort of utopian view of what you’re going to do next semester. You think that you’ll finally start exercising and stop eating dumplings every day. So, you sign up for a 1 credit Kines course such as ‘Running for Fitness’ or ‘Swimming for Fitness’ or ‘Breathing for Fitness’ that you think will keep you on track to become the workout queen you’ve always wanted to be. Then, when fall semester roles around and you’ll very quickly drop that 8 a.m. running class because they actually make you exercise, and you just want to sleep.

2.) Media Studies classes:
Any class labeled MDST should be avoided at ALL COSTS. These classes are very, very difficult. The homework usually involves watching an entire movie, sometimes it’s even in another language and you have to use subtitles. Ugh, like can you believe that? SUBTITLES.

1.) Chemistry:
It doesn’t matter what level of chem you’re in, it’s the hardest. Chemistry classes are a battlefield at this university: very few survive, and when they do, it’s because of bribery.

So, while you’re signing up for your classes for next semester, keep these in mind as ones you should definitely be avoiding.



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