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5 Totally Unexpected Things That Happened At LOTL



The most exciting event of the winter season at UVa has come and gone. There is nothing more to look forward to now other than our impending doom descending into the abyss of finals. But before we become victims to the soul-sucking week of studying, let us reflect on one of UVa’s most hallowed traditions. There were lights, there was singing, as there is every year, but did Lighting of the Lawn throw any curveballs at us this year? Let’s delve in. 

5.) The Sound was…Possibly On:

The high-pitched voices of drunk people combined with the poor reverberation of the Rotunda make for a concert with barely detectable singing. Unless you chose to arrive at 6 p.m., staked out a spot at the front, and braved the cold for four hours, we suggest that you watch the live stream if you want to get caught up on the action that happened on stage (skip to around 2:15:00 for the Hullabahoos).

4.) People Shoved People:

With thousands of students, faculty, and community members showing up for this event, it’s no surprise that you were shoulder-to-shoulder with a friendly stranger. But we did find it shocking how some people still seemed to think that they can make their way through the crowds to find a better spot by using their elbows. News flash, saying “excuse me” or “sorry” doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

3.) The Virginia Gentlemen Closed the Show:

Priding themselves on being the oldest a capella group on Grounds, the VGs climbed the a capella hierarchal ladder and clinched the closing act. While the three hours of Christmas jingles had gotten old at this point, we would like to give an appreciative nod to the Gentlemen for switching up their concert attire and ditching the bow ties for once.

2.) The Christmas Poem Mentioned Basketball:

Another classic tradition of Lighting of the Lawn, the reading of the Christmas poem cannot  go a year without mentioning UVa’s dominance in basketball. We’re not saying that it’s unwarranted, but maybe the writers of the poem (whoever they may be) could branch out and find another phrase that rhymes with “Hoos” other than “Don’t Lose.”

1.) A Chainsmokers’ Song was Played:

The opening may not have been the single most overplayed song of this year, but it was the single most overplayed song of last year. While we were expecting a Chainsmokers song, it did throw us for a loop that “Roses” was the chosen one and not “Closer.” Although it’s too recent to qualify as a throwback, we still begrudgingly enjoyed the catchy tune with the synchronized lights.

Basically the take away here is that Lighting of the Lawn was, well…lit. 

Yeah, we all have D.A.D.S., just maybe not the kind you were thinking of:


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