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Can You Match These Bricks To Their Respective UVA Buildings?


UVA’s a briiiiick-houuusseee. She’s mightay mightay, but you might not have noticed just how skilled the masons were that built the place.


Shit. That’s not how the lyrics go.


While seemingly the whole school is made of a bunch of the same red bricks (but runs on Natty Light and crushed Ivy League dreams), in fact — it isn’t. It is made of a bunch of different red bricks, and that’s where shit gets real, my friends. Do you think after all the time you spend walking around Grounds that you can pick out where you are based solely (pun intended) on what’s beneath your feet? Well, let’s find out.


Below you’ll see 10 different pictures of bricks we’ve compiled from around Grounds. Your job is to correctly match them with their place of origin. You don’t really get anything for this, but you should do it anyways.


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(Want a larger image? Just click the pic!)


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.25.32 AM


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Each picture is potentially from one of the following locations:


Wilsdorf Hall

Old Cabell Hall

Clemons stairway

Bryan walkway

Old Dorms bathroom


Retaining walls

Clemons outdoor seating

Cocke Hall


Bonus: We included another part of Old Cabell to make shit even more interesting


If you get them all right with no sweat, you’re either constantly staring at the ground, or in the possession of a photographic memory. Either way, we’re kind of intimidated to be friends with you. If you have trouble, however, we decided to be nice and provide you with the master key.



  1. Clemons stairway
  2. Old Cabell
  3. Alderman
  4. Old Cabell (again)
  5. Clemons outdoor seating
  6. Wilsdorf Hall
  7. Old Dorms bathroom
  8. Retaining walls
  9. Bryan walkway
  10. Cocke Hall


How many did you get right? Now you can pass a Jeopardy category on “Bricks of UVa” with flying colors. Congratulations.

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