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I Chose to Stay Home for Winter Break, and it Absolutely Changed My Life

I, like every other student who writes for a college publication, made both a brave and daring decision. One that absolutely changed my life. Or at least that is what I am going to try and make you think when I cover my completely ordinary, kind of mundane story with flowery language to make it seem unique.

While all of my fellow writers squandered this opportunity to expose something truly earth shattering by writing about their trips to Europe, my brave pilgrimage was to a place that no other privileged, white UVa student dared to go: my parents’ house.

The first transformative moment came on my first full day home in my hometown that I’ll tell you how much I admire but actually truly loathe, after the rest of my family had vacated our dwellings. I woke up at 2:30 p.m., and quickly realized that not only was I not faced with the struggle of trying to cram a million activities into my day, but I also didn’t have to put pants or a bra on. This newfound freedom to walk mostly naked around my living space made me ‘realize’ something I probably actually learned way earlier in life, but I will pretend was only acquired because of this experience.

The moment when I truly felt like my life was different was when my mom asked me to go to the grocery store for her. While there, I saw so many new and interesting people. Did you know that some people actually buy ingredients to cook food instead of just getting it from the frozen aisle? You probably did, but I’m going to pretend you didn’t and explain it to you anyway to make myself feel more cultured, and make you feel inferior.

I feel as though my mental state truly shifted when I decided to make myself a sandwich. I’ve made so many sandwiches at school, but making one in my family’s kitchen just felt different, ya know? This is a difficult experience to describe because I’m just pulling all of this out of my ass so it looks like I have meaningful thoughts worth sharing.

As I make my way back to Charlottesville, I’ll reflect on all the ways my daring decision has colored my college experience and taught me many new, exciting life lessons. What are those lessons you might ask? That’s not the point of this article. This is article is simply a way for me to brag about my experience, and it seems a tad less snotty because I put it in the form of a “what I’ve learned” paper. The true point here is that my life is unequivocally better than yours.

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