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The Easiest UVa Frat Parties to Get Into (You’re Welcome, Nerd)

First semester first year is a hard time in any Hoo’s life. Having not joined Greek life or made friends that don’t share a hall with you, you face the difficult task of being practically unable to get into UVa frats without having a girl in your group of 25 flash her boobs. Which is why we have compiled a list of the easiest frat’s to get into for you: so that poor Susie can finally wear a real bra again!

5.) Sigma Phi Epsilon:
The security of this frat is practically non-existent, making it super easy for first years to just walk right in! Pro tip: while it may look like there isn’t actually a party going on due to the lack of lights, noise, and the fact that this fraternity has been inactive since 2010, if you just walk into the abandoned looking house you will have a good time.

4.) Elmo:
This frat is called ‘Elmo’ because it caters to the first years, who have only recently stopped watching Sesame Street. This should definitely be the first stop on your list of frats to go on a Friday night since you can 100% get in.

3.) Beta:
The only night Beta truly gets lax about letting people in is when they have Beta Ball, since they want to make sure they can get as many first years to see their blue balls as possible. But, if you want to get in on a non-ball-filled night, just tell them you know Nick. There are at least 10 brothers with that name. If Nick for some reason doesn’t work, try John. 

2.) Kappa Sigma:
Yes, they actually hire real bouncers for their parties because they are THAT extra. And yes, they were founded at UVa giving them a sense of prestige that no man in a frat founded by a guy named Nicodemus ever deserves to have. That being said, they never lock/close/guard their back door so sneaking into a party there is easier than getting into one at their neighbors’ house.

1.) Literally all of them if Florence hits:
Okay so, you should probably not be frat hopping during a hurricane, BUT if you do decide to party during the storm use the nasty weather to your advantage. Walk up to any frat house (whether they’re partying or not), and beg for shelter. Even the douchiest of brothers won’t turn you away.

Just remember first years, you will only have to suffer through the ‘who do you know here?’ stupidity until you join Greek life yourself or finally get in on an order for fakes! Stay strong in these trying times.

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