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The Definitive ECU Game Guide: Cold Hard Facts


This week has been a tough one for the Hoos. Coming off a well-fought loss with the Mountaineers on Saturday, starting finals, and dealing with the onslaught of winter overnight are all three pretty big kicks in the ass. But we must stay strong and remember the golden rule: when life kicks your ass, go kick someone else’s. That’s why we’re here to discuss our next game that UVa is sure to win; ECU. You might have gotten an email with some facts and figures about the last time we faced off, but we’re gonna give you the real facts about ECU, the ones they don’t tell you. Enjoy.

5.) Their Average SAT Score is 1551:

Ours is 1997. If you gloss over this quickly you might think we’re comparing years the school was founded or taking a stab at when Columbus sailed to America, but you’d be sorely mistaken. We’re not going to jump to any conclusions here and compare the two scores, we’re just gonna leave this right here. 

4.) Their Former Mascots Include a Great Dane and a Large White French Poodle:

We can totally see why they switched to a Pirate (a pirate named Pee Dee, by the way). We guess that’s what happens when you leave the naming of your mascot up to elementary schoolers. Yes, this actually happened. You’d think they would have learned by then that your mascot and its name are important, but perhaps their time at the Westminster Dog Show was more valuable than their time in NCAA. Sorry guys, but we’re best in show.

3.) Coach Jeff Lebo Holds a Record:

Jeff Lebo played for Dean Smith at UNC back in the day, and he holds a record there. Lebo boasts the highest free throw shooting percentage ever at Carolina, .89 percent. That’s cool…we guess. You know what would be cooler, though? Having a coach who holds the NCAA Division I record for three point percentages at 53.3%. You know, three pointers, when you shoot the ball from way behind the foul line and people are playing defense against you, not standing in a line next to you while you toss it into the basket, not contended.

2.) Cavaliers and Pirates are Polar Opposites:

It’s almost comical how differently our mascots represent our schools. Cavaliers started out with strong political and social ties, but in time became more relevant to the fashionable clothes of the court. Pirates are the exact opposite. Known to be dirty, rowdy, and barbaric, these characters from history stood for high sea robbery and massive rum consumption. While our mascots may not agree, there’s one commonality we can all see here: we all enjoy mass consumptions of rum. Ho ho ho and a bottle of Captain.

1.) ECU is a ~Little~ Gun Shy:

This story is no joke, and may be a great way to intimidate our opponent Tuesday night (as if having London Perrantes won’t be enough). At football games, ECU shoots off a cannon from the end zone to bring more of that pirate-y atmosphere to the game. However, one year one of their players was running into the end zone (something we sadly wish we could see happen for one of our players *sigh*), and was shot by the cannon. Oops¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Years later the cannon was brought back to keep spirits high during the game, but we can imagine a little PTSD for some. So if you want to scare a pirate, you better bring your cannon and work on your aim.

If none of these facts convinced you then just a imagine a pirate trying to play basketball. That ball’s not going to travel very far down the court if all of their players have hooks for hands. 

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