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Hoo To: Survive Until Thanksgiving Break

Fall Break wasn’t everything you thought it was going to be, huh? Not enough time to see all your old friends, catch up on sleep, and to your dismay, you actually should have been treating “break” as reading days. Well, you only have to make it 44 more days until you can take a real break and stuff your face with some decent food…supposing your mom knows how to cook better than O’Hill (if not, then we are very sorry in advance). Here’s how to pass the time until your next break:


Get Drunk:



This is for everyone that inconveniently had their midterms BEFORE “reading days.” You know, those days where you’re supposed to study for those midterms? Yeah, well you didn’t get that study time, but at least you’re done having to pay attention until finals roll around. The upside to UVa letting only two grades decide your GPA for the entire semester is that you only have to be checked in to the world twice a semester. Go out to Trinity every single night and see if your professor still doesn’t know your name after your totally cool and hilarious hungover comments each day. If you’re really a daredevil, then just stay out so late that you’re knocked out until Thanksgiving.


Hibernate in Hiding:




Find a nice, cozy spot and sleep the month and a half away. We’re thinking the Rotunda. Although it’s noisy, no one will think to look for you there. There are earplugs all over the site from the constant jackhammering, so grab some and your pillow and hit the stoop. The construction workers won’t notice you because they’re never there, otherwise they’d be done by now.


Become a Real-Life SpyKid:




Try to see how long you can stay in Newcomb without getting kicked out. Swipe in first thing in the morning, stay for lunch and dinner, and then hide somewhere until everything is closed up. While you’re in there alone, feel free to cook up some better food for the next day, or at least leave a threatening note letting them know that you’ll be watching until there is some change. If you do get caught, move on to O-Hill. Runk will be your last stop, and the walk there will knock a solid three days off your wait for Thanksgiving Break.


Join Wheelie Kid:




The mysterious Wheelie Kid spends his days having a blast riding around grounds on one tire. Imagine the fun you could have with TWO WHOLE TIRES. Get a bike. (If you don’t already have one, there are plenty just laying around unlocked because there is like an “honor code” or something here.) Have Wheelie Kid teach you a new trick every day and spend the rest of your time practicing. The days will pass super quickly, and you’ll have tons of cool new stuff to show your friends when you get back home.*


*DISCLAIMER: Your friends will probably think this is totally lame when you show them and you may lose them all. Sry.


Once you get all of your work out of the way, time will fly by and you’ll be home sooner than you think. In the meantime, good luck actually getting all of that work done now that you know there are Forty. Four. Whole. Days. Until you get to have actual fun again.

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