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Humans of UVa Libraries


As the end of the semester rears its ugly head, people begin spending more and more time in UVa libraries. Because our writers have nothing better to do, we made one of our own walk around and people watch for an entire day.We ran into a few Hoos with interesting stories to tell. And so The Black Sheep presents: Humans of UVa Libraries. 




“We’re both fourth years and people always say college is where you find your soul mate. Well, time was ticking, the marriage train was fast approaching with graduation, and I still didn’t have a ticket. I began to panic about all the things that would happen to me if I was still single after college. I would have to rely on my own job alone. My parents weren’t going to want me back. I knew I needed to find someone that would help me adult. Once you find someone this late in the game, it’s do or die. I’m 21 years old and all of my Facebook friends are way ahead of me. I have Alderman to thank for my happy future. I found Matt at the beginning of this semester and I can’t let him go now. We met at the Greenberry’s counter and discovered we had the same complicated order, double shot macchiato light foam strained one Sweet’N Low and a three-second pour of skim milk. Now if that isn’t meant to be than I don’t know what is.”


-Leslie Randall, Fourth Year




“One day last Spring I was taking an exam and all the words started to blur together. I didn’t know what was happening. Later that afternoon, I finally went to the emergency room because I still couldn’t see. It took ten hours for the doctor to figure out what had happened to my vision. Turns out, I had been reading too much. Shocking, here at UVa, right? All this time I had thought that I was going to an easy school with a fairly light course load, but it turns out I was doing more than I thought. After about two weeks (just enough to get me out of the rest of my finals *winks*), I started to be able to see things again. I didn’t want to have to take on the same amount of work as before though because I was scared it would happen again. Now I read with the book far away because the doctor said books work the same way as the TV; you can’t hold it too close or there will be consequences. I guess I should have listened to my mum all those years.”


-Sarah Dickinson, Third Year




“Today I met my long-lost twin. At first, we thought it was just a coincidence that we were wearing the same raincoat and rain boots. Then I started to realize we were doing the same things at the exact same time. I approached her and we immediately sat down in the same position. It was strange, but it was the Sister, Sister moment I had been dreaming up ever since Tia and Tamera made it look so fun. Our mannerisms were in sync and her voice sounded exactly as mine did. The craziest thing of all was that we have been at the same school for almost a year and a half and in the same sorority for almost a year. I can’t believe we’ve never run into each other at date functions. I guess that now my father and her mother both making excuses to get out of Parents’ Formal makes a lot more sense. Now we’re plotting our own Parent Trap reveal. Stay tuned.”


-Maria Lombardi, Second Year

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