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5 Sexy Summer Shoe Tan Lines You Can Get With Just a Pair of Crocs

Summer is all about getting that perfect tan, and there is no tan more perfect than a Croc’s tan! These comfortable, versatile shoes allow for a variety of tan lines that will make everyone around you jealous. Here are just a few of the many possibilities for getting the sexiest tan a Croc can provide!

5.) The Polka Dot Tan:

Ever dreamed of having leopard print feet? Of course you have. The breathable holes in the classic crocs that make them oh-so-comfy can also give you this wild new look. If you want more control over where your spots are, simply use the Jibbitz charms (sold separately)! Not only will you have more control over your spotted extremities, but you’ll also get an awesome design to decorate your crocs!

Croc Type: Classic clog.

4.) Tip of The Toe Tan:

Nothing is sexier than having just the very-tips-of-your-toes tan. It’s a look that says “I go outside almost completely covered, but still let my tootsies air out!” This is basically an easier way to make it look like you got a pedicure.

Croc Type: ‘Bistro.’

3.) Zebra Tan:

This is a medium difficulty tan. To achieve the look, you have to be prepared to wear your Crocs backward so the strap is crossing your foot. You also have to move the Crocs back every couple of hours to ensure a multitude of lines appear. Another method of getting the zebra tan is to just buy Birkenstocks, but why be a basic white bitch when you can be a Croc-wearing kween?

Croc Type: Not important as long as it has that back strap.

2.) Hand Croc Tan:

Who says Crocs can only tan your feet? Place those babies on your hands for a fun, fresh new tan line. This allows you to get the look of a smallpox patient, without any of that silly gross stuff, like rashes and death!

Croc Type: Classic works best for that smallpox glow, but experiment with other styles if you’re adventurous!

1.) The Full Croc Tan:

This is our most advanced look, so don’t get discouraged if you have trouble with it. Here, you will be attempting to use a pair of Crocs to make a tan line of a pair of Crocs appear on your foot, thus successfully achieving Croc-ception. To do this, you need to print out an outline of a Croc, tape it to a classic style Croc (these work best because of their holiness), and then ever so carefully carve the Croc design onto the Croc. At this point, you should have a little Croc carved into your big Croc. Make sure to carve around the holes so that you don’t have to DIY them in.

Croc Type: Croc, within a Croc.


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