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So We’re Taking Pictures of Our Shoes in Leaves Now? A Virginia Ranking


You may have noticed your Instagram feeds have been #blessed with all of the beautiful orange, yellow and red hues of Autumn…and shoes? The newest fad is to put on your favorite pair of boots, find the most appealing pile of leaves, take a great picture, and then choose the best filter to make leaves look better than they do in reality. The real contest is: Which school has the best shoe-leaf combos? Here are the rankings in Virginia:


In 3rd place: Longwood University




While intentions were good, Longwood forgot the main component: the shoes. Yes your school has a “Rotunda” and a “Ruffner Hall,” but you cannot compete with the real thing if you can’t even remember the shoes. A class on filter choices could be beneficial as well. Your Instagram feed should not represent the bleak, post-college life.


In 2nd place: Virginia Tech




While this is a good photo, one has to ask, “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” Toms? Really? Those are so last season and not waterproof. Give it to Tech to buy Toms because they actually believe they’re helping children. This photo would have given the little kids more joy than the shoes that were supposedly “lost in the mail.”


In 1st place: University of Virginia





First of all, duh. This amateur photographer could compete with the big guys. Way to prove wrong the saying, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side,” because it sure looks like it’s pretty green here! This is more than just a photo of shoes and leaves; it’s a metaphor for the whirlwind of emotions you’re feeling at this point in the semester. Right now, most people are in the green, the calm period between midterms and finals. Don’t start thinking about the dreary rain-slicked asphalt that is finals on the other side quite yet, ‘Hoos.


UVa takes the cake again! Better luck next time, guys. Don’t miss out on the next contest coming this winter to a campus near you: Snowflakes on Tongues. Instagram the best photo of yourself catching snowflakes as diverse and unique as your mom likes to tell you that you are. And then, we’ll be the judge of how creative you really are. By the looks of all these almost identical posts, the verdict is not very.

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