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A Spooky Map of 6 of the Spookiest Spots on Grounds

In its 200-hundred-year history, UVa has racked up its fair share of horror stories and spine-tingling tales. Ghosts of the past haunt these hallowed grounds and don’t even pay tuition (freeloaders, man). Here’s a map of some of UVa’s most chilling and spooky places:

6.) Pavilion VI:
When it’s not currently under construction, head over to Pavilion VI for a ~spicy romantic ghost story~. Back in the 19th century, the daughter of a UVa professor fell in love with some under-achieving student. Her parents constantly told her to break up with him before he ended up managing his family’s gas station, and prevented her from seeing her lover. Eventually, the daughter died of a broken heart. Today, her ghost still roams the Pavilion, hoping to come across another lazy asshole that she can hook up with.

5.) Edgar Allan Poe’s “dorm room”:
We’re gonna make this clear from the get-go: Poe did not live in Room 13, like, c’mon. The big brains at the university decided that Room 13 would be the perfect place to create a faux dorm room because ya know, unlucky. And given Poe’s gambling debts, he wasn’t exactly the luckiest guy around. While he attended UVa for, like, four months, he carved a poem in his window which said “the ghost of an awful crime haunts the West Range”. But more than likely it’s just one of those Raven Society weirdos running around.

4.) The stacks:
If you’re unlucky enough to have to venture down to The Stacks in Alderman late at night, you may have spotted the ghost of Dr. Bennett Wood Green, a Confederate surgeon who donated a bunch of his books after his death in 1913. Turns out he also donated his spirit to the university, (which is a real shitty thing to do if you ask us). Students and faculty have reported hearing mysterious footsteps and seeing an elderly man dust off the collections of books. Oh, plus he’s probably racist, and a racist ghost is just too much to fucking handle.

3.) Clemons:
Absolutely haunted. Clemons is one of the busiest spots on Grounds and one of the spookiest. Open 24 hours a day, Clemons is basically like a haunted library you would find in an episode of Scooby-Doo. Old and creepy like the basement of Old Cabell, Clemons seems like it’s been around for ages. Descending each floor is like entering another ring of Hell, reaching its climax when you read the messages left by desperate students in the lower level cubicle desks. Famous last words, perhaps?

2.) Pavilion VI…again:
Sheesh, find a new place to haunt, ghosts. This time, we’re gonna talk about the “Romance Pavilion.” Back in the mid-1800s, a UVa professor lived her with his wife. When he kicked the bucket, his wife wouldn’t leave their home or her dead, slowly decaying husband. So she did what any sensible person would do and stuck him in a chair, changed his clothes every day, and got away with it for a whole month. This story is basically Psycho meets William Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily, so it’s some pretty scary shit.

1.) The cemetery:
Catch the art students hanging around here at midnight on a full moon. UVa bought the cemetery back in 1825, and has been putting dead dudes in it ever since. Besides being, ya know, a graveyard, the cemetery and columbarium was a popular site for grave robbers back in the 19th century. The restless spirits of those who were dug up haunt the cemetery in hopes of finding peace. Spooky.

Halloween isn’t too far away, Hoos. Do your best to avoid getting yourself haunted this holiday season.

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