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Third Year ‘Definitely Going to Make that Halftime Three-Pointer ’ This Time

Third-year economics student, Ricky Matthews, is optimistic about his chances to achieve success in the three-point contest at halftime during Thursday’s game against Georgia Tech.

“I tried last year, but I missed. Hey, I came really close though!” Matthews said, possibly choosing not to remember that he missed by, like a mile.

“I practiced a lot over break on my little brother Jason’s PlaySkool hoop in our driveway, and I sunk like 90% of the shots.”

It would seem that Matthews practice routine includes very little actual basketball playing. He’s stated that the grunt of it consists of watching Steph Curry YouTube highlight reels, trips to Taco Bell, and sometimes reading about Cavalier sports.

While many believe that halftime games and activities are to keep the audience entertained until the ball game starts up again, Coach Tony Bennett and his staff use this time as an opportunity to scout talent.

“We offered some nine-year old kid a scholarship a few weeks ago because he made a basket from half-court, granny style,” Bennett stated. “If you’re willing to put your pride and reputation out on the line, then we’re willing to give you a shot.”

But Matthews isn’t interested in any offers on the team. For him, his reasons are humble and represent the best of sports.

“I grew up watching a lot of John Hughes movies, so I know how things work out. Nothing-but-net, get the girl, become king of the school. I think it’s all doable, really,” Matthews said with a smile.

Lucky SHOTS lottery winner Ricky Matthews is looking forward to his three-pointer being not just the highlight of the season, but of the entire 2018 calendar year.

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