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Is Trin Actually Fun or Is It Just the Easiest Bar to Go To?

The Corner has so many fun and unique bars. Trin is known to be the home of sexually repressed youths, and provides guaranteed groping on the third floor, yet somehow it’s always packed! Many students find this puzzling, so The Black Sheep compiled arguments for both sides. We’ll let you know for sure if this bar is actually any fun or if just, ya know, convenient.

Point: The line to get a drink is absurd, not sure anyone should be arguing that this bar in convenient.

Counterpoint: Pregame, bitch.

Point: The drinks are expensive, though.

Counterpoint: Okay but did you not hear me when I said, “pregame, bitch”?

Point: Okay, the line to the bathroom is ridiculously long too.

Counterpoint: If you make it into the bathroom, it will always be filled with supportive girls ready to tell you that you are beautiful and that you should break up with the man that isn’t treating you right.

Point: Whatever, I’m gonna leave and go to literally any other bar.

Counterpoint: Everywhere else has line. You’re already here!

Point: But Crozet has that live band your friend is playing in.

Counterpoint: BUT a DJ means that you can dance to every song.

Point: Okay, I’m actually going to leave now.

Counterpoint: Dude, it’s cold outside.

Point: You can’t even dance on 3rd floor Trin. You’re just being pushed and groped.

Counterpoint: It’s warm.

Point: A bar is a bar. Have a drink, go with friends who will form a protective circle, and enjoy an essential part of the UVa experiences.

Okay, so nothing here was truly solved, but solid arguments were made for both sides. Bottom line here is it’s important to be good and drunk wherever you are. 

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