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UVA Game Day Vs. Michigan Game Day

It’s no secret that UVA Game Days aren’t up to par. We can pretend to blame it on our lousy football team, but with the last couple wins (including beating Duke?!), can we really go on with this charade for much longer? The Black Sheep decided to investigate our Game Days from beginning to end. We thought the best way to do this would be to make a comparison to the Division I team with the most total wins in the NCAA: the University of Michigan. Not only are the Michigan Wolverines one of the top teams in the country and the proud alma mater of Tom Brady, but the Game Days at this Big Ten school are absolutely epic. Here are some of the other differences we noticed:


5.) Getting Tickets:

For UVA games, merely scanning your student ID will get you into the stadium. However, at Michigan, the students have to purchase their tickets and accumulate points to get better seats. The tickets are in such high demand that students often sell their tickets to make a hefty profit. For big rivalry games, tickets will sell for as high as $100 or $200. We can’t think of a single person that would pay that much to go to a UVA football game.



4.) The Dress Code:


“Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearls” is one of the ridiculous traditions that gives UVA its preppy reputation. While the sorority stickers and sundresses may make for cute Instagram pictures, nothing compares to Michigan Game Day attire. The Michigan team store, recently rebranded by Jumpman, has a line out the door the day before the game. We propose a petition to end the era of Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines.  


3.) Tailgating Atmosphere:

Michigan is notorious for their tailgates. Alumni, families, and friends come far and wide to experience UMich preparation time for the big game. UVA frats may have a party or two featuring Dave Matthews cover bands and cheap beer, but Michigan rages full-out from 8 a.m. until game time.



2.) Size of the Stadium:


While Scott Stadium has a capacity of 61,500, The Big House can fit over 100,000 people and is the largest stadium in the entire country. “Greatest College Football Stadiums” is one official list that UVA will never find itself on.


1.) Student Section:

The student section at Michigan spans about one-third of the stadium with students screaming at the top of their lungs for their team. The Scott Stadium student section is a sketchy patch of grass on a sloping hill that has barely enough people to fill it. With clumps of students talking and drunk people falling over, the section can rarely get its act together in time to sing the “Good Ole Song” –which isn’t too often if we’re being honest.

‘Hoos aren’t afraid to put credit where credit is due and admit defeat. If we wanna have kickass Game Days and end up with our own Game Day snap story, we might want to follow in Michigan’s footsteps. 

Just like the leaves on trees or the srat stars’ skin, coffee in Starbucks cups nation wide is turning orange this month?




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