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UVa Student Purposefully Packs Snow On To Sidewalks







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UVa students woke up Monday morning appalled that they had only received a class delay and not a complete cancellation. Although classes were cancelled last Friday, students just assumed they would catch a break Monday. Patrick Hogan knows that no one goes to Friday classes, anyway. However, after all Monday classes weren’t cancelled, second year student Natalie Reid* just couldn’t stand for this injustice, and took matters into her own hands. Students, faculty and staff spotted Reid stockpiling the accumulated snow and putting it back into the road. 


Reid went to work immediately on Monday morning. She worked tirelessly to fill the roads only to find out that students had to trek to class even though UTS bus routes had been cancelled. This news changed her course of action slightly.


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“If they’re not going to cancel classes AND buses aren’t going to be running, then I guess I’ll have to make sure walking isn’t possible either,” said Reid. She stopped re-covering the roadways and redirected her efforts to the sidewalks. Reid filled her water bottle, her hat, her pockets, and her book bag with as much snow as possible and transferred it to the sidewalk. Reid even fills her backpack, sacrificing her laptop.


One student approached Reid and asked if she thought what she was doing would actually work. Reid replied, “It’ll work better than the complaining the rest of you are doing on yik yak.”


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In one hour’s time, Reid had managed to steal all of the snow from the Lawn and strategically pack it on the sidewalks of the busiest class routes. For good measure, Reid made several trips to fill her water bottle and pour it over the newly formed ice-walks. The above photo is a before and after shot of Reid’s maniacal work.



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“No one is going to get to class without falling after I’m through here” Reid says as she slickens the pathways even more. 


While many people may be thinking Reid has gone too far and will be liable for any injuries, Reid knew going into this that UVa would have to cancel classes just in case. “This was worth all the risks,” said Reid. “Storm Jonas Brothers didn’t put on this performance just to be burnin’ up for you, Patty Hogan.”


And worth it, it was. Classes have been cancelled until further notice. All students should remain indoors until investigators can figure out how far Reid’s ice-walks span across grounds.


*Natalie Reid is a pseudonym to protect the student from Honor Code violations for stealing snow from the Lawn and to reduce retaliation from potentially injured students.

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