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UVa Student Reactions to Para Coffee Becoming Grit Café

As many of you have surely seen, Para Coffee has recently taken new management and they have decided to change all kinds of everything about the best hipster coffee location in Charlottesville. In light of this dramatic change The Black Sheep interviewed students and find out how they are adjusting to life with Grit Café.


Johnny Smith, 3rd Year, Religious Studies
“I used to work in Para all the time. Now that Grit Café is the new Para, I don’t even know what to do. It stifles my creative thinking. Where am I supposed to pose my philosophical questions about death or the meaning of life? Grit Café just isn’t cutting it for me. Plus, it’s the same owners as a couple of other restaurants downtown… that’s just not original enough for me to deal with emotionally.”


Hannah BoNanna, 2nd Year, Psych
“Para Coffee used to be my go-to for a spiced cappuccino before class. Now, I have to walk all the way down to Shenandoah Joe’s. I mean, I guess I work off the calories by walking farther, but it’s just not the same… You don’t understand… I just can’t even.”


Derek Shepherd, 3rd Year, Pre-Med
“I used to study away my life in Para, but Grit Café changed up the music selection and now they play really distracting, loud music upstairs. I can’t concentrate on a thing. I have to get through orgo in order to fulfill any dream I had of becoming a brain surgeon with really great hair. Now I have to find a whole new study location and find the time to mentally adjust to the transition.”


Calvin Broadus, PhD Candidate, Politics
“Para Coffee was where I’d hold office hours. Nothing says “You failed this exam and you are singlehandedly going to cause World War IV” like a nice chai latte. I can’t expect anyone to understand the concepts of game theory while sitting in a Starbucks, that’s just unheard of.”


Joe Harris, Basketball Star
Just kidding, he wasn’t actually here. We’re just trying to wish it true.



All in all, students seem to be adjusting well to the change of pace in coffee establishments. As long as the giant ‘P’ is still painted on the outside of the building, Para Coffee is really not that different from Grit Café. And Para Coffee’s memory will live on in the students old enough and stubborn enough to live in denial.

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