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UVa Inspired Pick Up Lines Sure to Get You Laid this Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year. No, not the time where we all desperately try to hook up with each other, that time knows no bounds. It’s that other time, Valentine’s Day! Whether you’ve been having all the luck in the world picking up lovahs or you and your hand have never been better acquainted, these killer pick up lines are sure to help anyone in the romance department. Thank us later, and get lovin’ Hoos.

14.) Did it hurt? … When you fell down the stairs at Trin?

13.) Girl, you’re so sick you could put O’Hill out of business.

12.) Do you know what material this is made of? Fuckboy material.

11.) Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Cause I can see myself in your salmon pants.

10.) I’m a 7, but you’re a 10.

9.) I bet I can get you sweatier than your back after your walk to class.

8.) Are you Cav Man’s horse, Sabre? Cause I could ride you after we leave this football game at halftime.

7.) You’re like UVa during breaks; I never want to leave you.

6.) Baby, I could be your personal Virginia Tech and suck all the time.

5.) My dick is like the dumpling cart line: long, takes forever, and always worth it.

4.) Girl, that ass is like the inner loop: a tight fit, makes wide turns, and always makes me come faster.

3.) I’d say you were a dime but Jefferson’s on the nickel.

2.) Is your ass grumpy and picky about fake IDs? Because I bet I could make it bounce at Boylan.

1.) Girl, you got more curves than Elzinga’s grade distribution.

 Use these with caution and only on people you truly want to do it with, we can’t be responsible for the serious number by which your body count will increase once you’ve used these. Don’t forget to use protection! 


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