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Visiting UVa Dad ‘Disappointed’ by State of the University Since His Time Here

David Jeffers, a 55-year-old man from Alexandria, Virginia is upset at the current state of UVa after visiting his daughter over Family Weekend.  This year there is disorder amongst the UVa Dads that are returning to Charlottesville due to recent events.

“The university is falling apart. All these efforts to be ‘inclusive’ are really just attempts to brainwash our kids,” Jeffers said.

Over the past few years, there has been a bigger push for UVa to be more inclusive and offer more opportunities for its minority students. For people like Jeffers, this is a threat to his very well-being and definitely makes it harder to sleep at night.

“I remember my daughter telling me about students covering the Jefferson statue. Can you imagine what it’s like to go to UVa during the 80s, the great Reagan years, only for your alma mater to betray you and your family? It’s an outrage,” Jeffers continued.

The University of Virginia, like mostly everything else in existence, has undergone lots of changes throughout its 200-year history, like allowing women and minorities to attend the school and even offering courses on hip-hop music, a genre that David finds “distasteful.”

For the old guard, these strides to adapt to modern society are a pushback on their traditional values and even an attack on their way of life.

“Back when I was here, we were just boys having a good time, you know? Now, these snowflake students are lampooning my beloved fraternity during a themed costume party! There’s no doubt future historians are going to look back on this age of political correctness like we do on the Salem Witch Trials.”

When he isn’t working his 6-figure government contractor job, Jeffers likes to spend his time commenting on Cavalier Daily articles on Facebook and listening to Mark Levin’s radio show. 

“These hippy-dippy students don’t know a thing about history! First, it’s the Robert E. Lee statue, then it’s the Thomas Jefferson statue; next thing you know they’re going to be persecuting anyone with any sort of right-wing belief,” David said.

Our experts at The Black Sheep predict David will be uncomfortable at the sight of some of UVa’s most active and helpful organizations, like the Queer Student Union, Black Student Alliance, and basically anything else that doesn’t have a bunch of white kids involved. David would like us to mention that during our interview, he continually stressed that he isn’t racist and one of his best friends is a black guy.

David is still looking forward to Family Weekend, especially getting a bagel at Bodo’s and trying to attend a party at his old frat (we’re not crossing our fingers).

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