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Drink Specials in KZOO You Need to Hit Up This Summer

Finals week is right around the corner, which means it’s almost about to be a boozed-up summer, Broncos! Some of you will be either leaving, taking classes, or just booling like you normally do. But hold up one minute! Just because summer comes around doesn’t mean you Broncos staying in town shouldn’t be hitting up these drink specials in KZoo like it’s your job as a true Western Michigan student. So get to it! 

4.) 50 Bud Light bottles for $100 at The Grotto:
Well damn, would you look at that? You brought eight of your stupid buddies into The Grotto and you guys are planning on getting absolutely shitty tonight, as you do every night. What if we told you that you could grab a table and each of you throw in some dough and get a bucket of 50 beers? Sounds pretty nice right? One purchase and you don’t have to go up to the bar or cash out for the rest of the night. Just get really dumb with all your friends. Sounds like summer. 

3.) $2 margaritas and 50 cent tacos at Old Goat:
What says summer like chilling outside and drinking margaritas and eating tacos all day long? Get your ass over to Old Goat on Tuesdays this summer. Fifty-cent tacos? Gotta be kidding me! This is the perfect place to spend a whole day for the price. Grab two tacos and a margarita to start, and by closing time you will be hammered, full from all the tacos, and your tab will only be, like, $12. You’re basically on a belligerent spring break in Cancun all over again!

2.) $3 U-call-its at Library:
Most people find themselves at the Old Goat on Thursday nights for $1 beers. Yeah, that’s a good deal, but at The Library you can get the most expensive shit for $3 a pop. Looking for a great way to impress the ladies? Have her get whatever she wants: Grey Goose, Jameson, or if you’re really desperate to get laid, Patron. Show any girl of your choice that your broke ass sure can bring a lot to the table with this badass deal!

1.) $2 PBRs at Waldo’s:
Waldo’s is the perfect place to get several ice cold PBRs and forget what time it is. All you have to do is scrap up some change you have in your car and, holy shit, you have a beer-and-a-half right there. Tell your buddies you’ll Venmo them for some more and just have them pay for you. Fuck it, get some chicken wings while you’re at it too.

With these drink specials you will be able to ball out on a real summer budget. You won’t have to ask your parents for money as much anymore if you plan your nights out accordingly. These deals right here is all you Broncos need to have a sloppy, exciting summer.


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