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6 Ways The New Grotto is Way Different Than The Old Grotto

We all know The Grotto all too well. Whether it’s the $1 beer Fridays, half-off Sundays, or the friendly faces of the bartenders, there’s many reasons to love this bar. However, since the Grotto has moved, there has been a number of noticeable changes at the new location. The new Grotto is different as shit for sure…

6.) Woah, it moved behind The Den: 
The Grotto used to have a prime location centered between WMU’s main campus and apartments and houses where most students live. The good news is that it’s not that much farther of a walk (you lazy ass). You probably know now that the new Grotto is only about a football field away from the old one. You won’t be able to see it unless you go looking for it behind The Den, but there is more parking, so just drive there.  

5.) There’s (probably) not basement anymore: 

It doesn’t look like there’s a basement based on this photograph, but there might be one hiding somewhere. The basement was the main attraction at this bar, so it’s very hard to imagine them not making a new one. Perhaps under the pool table there’s a secret hatch to an underground speakeasy. There’s only one way to find out…

4.) No more pizzas or chicken fingers: 
Sunday fundays at the Grotto were well known for half-off drinks and food. At this new place, there is no kitchen, so that means no more drunk munchies for anyone. The word on the street is they are working on putting a small kitchen in there. In the meantime, it is all you can eat popcorn.  


3.) Holy shit, there are mimosas now: 
These tasty beverages can save your hungover ass any day of the week, but you really can’t find them anywhere. But…you can find them at this new location. Ladies, you can go crazy with the mimosas. We all know how much you literally love champagne and OJ. 

2.) VIP lounges are fun: 
The older bar had the basement where everyone seemed to be drunker and sweatier, but for whatever reason, you never had a bad time down there. While you won’t feel nearly as dirty, there are VIP lounges you can rent out at the new Grotto. You and your dumbass friends can now drink like royalty and laugh at the lowly peasants on the dance floor. Just don’t let the power go to your head. 

1.) It’s a lot fuckin’ nicer: 
Remember all the holes in the walls from drunkards punching them? There’s no more of those! Remember turning the corner into the restrooms and suddenly feeling as if you entered Shrek’s swamp? These are clean restrooms now, bitch! Overall, the new Grotto is cleaner and nicer…for now. Let’s all try to keep it that way.  

Although the new Grotto is indeed different as shit, it still feels the same as walking into the old place. Give it a few more months and we will all forget about the OG Grotto.


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