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The Oberon King, And 5 Other Things We Saw at Oberon Day

Monday was Oberon Day all across the country, but nowhere celebrated as hard as Oberon’s hometown of Kalamazoo. From 9 a.m. until the end of the night, rowdy beer lovers poured into Bell’s like they pour that sunshine into every glass. Broncos, Kzoo locals, and out-of-town beer weirdos all raised their glasses to the best beer in America, got hammered together for this joyous occasion, and proceeded to post, snap and tweet all the beer madness.

 What kind of town starts drinking on 9 a.m. on a Monday?? Fucking Kalamazoo, that’s who! Before the food even came out at noon, beer lovers were sucking down the sweet, orange liquid to get the day started to get the day started with a blast of sunshine.

 The only thing more common than Oberon selfies on everyone’s Snap story was everyone who couldn’t make it publicly bitching about it. The sadness was very real at Bell’s, as people facetimed their jealous friends and vigorously rubbed it in their working faces.

Who says there’s anything wrong with drinking before noon on a weekday? By 11 a.m., the line for the bar was stretching through the whole building and people were already shitfaced. Guess that goes to show you how much people anxiously await the return of Oberon.




 As the day went on, more and more people came straight from work with a will to drink that could rival the end of prohibition, but still couldn’t keep up with the morning drinkers. The after work crowd had the place packed, but the morning crowd had the place hammered.

Drinkers were granted a special treat when his majesty, the Oberon King made his grand entrance. His loyal subjects kneeled in his honor as the King slammed his royal beer.

 As the day carried on, all the truly shitfaced motherfuckers were carried out by their (slightly less drunk) friends, and only the true Oberon OG’s were left over. For those that started early, making it past 5 without getting kicked out is a true achievement.

Here in Kalamazoo, Oberon day is a big fucking deal. If you found yourself hammered at Bell’s yesterday, you’re a true OG (Oberon gangsta). If not, grab a case at munchie mart and better luck in 2019.

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