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The 5 Sexiest Buildings at Western Michigan University

Western is known for its sexy students that become sexy alumni, such as Terry Crews. Have you seen the man’s pecks dance? It’s like watching dining services restock on pizza in the campus cafés … super sexy. Western is undoubtedly secreting the image of sex in every crevice of the university, including its campus buildings. The polls are in and here are the sexiest buildings on Western’s campus:

5.) Health and Human Services Building:

The subtle but sexy curve to the structure is breathtaking. Nothing is hotter than a perfectly-structured large backside to a slim front…baby got back. What’s even more arousing than the home to WMU’s School of Nursing is the fountain inside of it. WMU students could listen to the sounds of that fountain for hours, kind of like a romance audiobook read by Morgan Freeman.

4.) Sangren Hall:


Modern and sophisticated, this beauty is a classic and never goes out of style. Sangren is like the first crush you’ve ever had. One would look at it and be hooked on the confident figure and sensual vibe that’s oozing off of the structure. WMU is at the mercy of the strong sex appeal of metal and concrete that make up this smokin’ work of architecture.

3.) Chemistry Building:


The height, the strength, the brainpower. If you’re not completely shallow and you’re into more than just good looks, then look no further. The Chemistry Building is home to some of the smartest and sexiest WMU students around. This building is like the Superman of Sex: quiet, hot, and smart during the day, but a freak in the sheets at night.

2.) Brown Hall:


Sophisticated and well-traveled, Brown Hall is home to all foreign languages taught at WMU. Nothing is hotter than being complimented in a language that you don’t understand. This building may be the Plain Jane of the campus, but it sure knows how to reel you in. You may find yourself standing outside of this building a little longer than normal on your walk home to admire its sleek and slender frame…you dog!

1.) Heritage Hall:


This building got a facelift this past year and everyone is noticing. Sure, it may be one of the oldest buildings at WMU, but this silver fox is back and sexier than ever. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? This comeback is bigger than the Broncos’ national ranking.

You’ll never look at WMU in the same way again when you notice how sexy campus is because of the sensual architecture surrounding it. Try to keep it in your pants when you notice the sexy curves of each building.



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