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SHOCKING! Photos Reveal Where the ‘Real’ Buster Bronco Went

On Sept. 16, Western Michigan unveiled it’s new-and-improved Buster Bronco, a revamp for the mascot born unto Western students in 1988. Many students have expressed a general hatred of the new Buster, and several have called for the old, real Buster to come back.

But what if the old Buster can’t come back? What if the old Buster is dead, or worse: what if WMU is trying to cover it up?

The day the “revamped” Buster was revealed, many wondered whether it was the same horse at all. Gone are the perma-stoned eyes and dopey smile, replaced by an over-jacked bro-horse who looks like he always has to sneeze. This change in appearance sparked outrage and confusion among the student body, along with Kalamazoo locals who have been attending Western games for years.

It’s a crazy theory, ludicrous in fact, that the old Buster has been replaced by a new stead, but new information is surfacing that makes Buster’s revamp increasingly suspicious.

Around noon on Sept.19, 2017, The Black Sheep received an email from an anonymous source containing several photographs.

The subject line simply read: “This Will Explain Everything.” Upon opening the email, it all became clear.

Here is the first, extremely graphic photograph in the email:

At first glance, this just looks like the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin riding a horse without a shirt, right? Well, the next, close up picture reveals the awful truth:

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That horse looks awfully similar to our ol’ pal Buster. One picture isn’t enough proof though, and many of you could be convincing yourself that perhaps someone could’ve photoshopped that. Then, the third photo came:

Ok, a photo being photoshopped is one thing, but two photos? No one would go through all that trouble; this must be real. The Black Sheep doesn’t know to what extent and/or if Bronco was a willing participant in these photos, but one thing is clear: Buster seems to be involved with Russian government.

Let’s break it down: Buster was first introduced in 1988, right around the collapse of the Soviet Union. Buster is just a goofy horse that would in no way spark any suspicion of being a Communist, right? He was the perfect vehicle for any long-term objective to spread communism in the United States, perhaps a sleeper mascot, one could say? But why WMU of all places? Clearly, Russia saw that Western Michigan is near Lake Michigan, which is the home to the Palisades Power Plant, a nuclear site that could hold all sorts of opportunities for a rival government trying to win the arms race. Plus, Kalamazoo is breeding ground for U.S. defectors—it’s the perfect spot. 

What makes matters confusing, though, is why would Buster disappear now rather than when the Cold War ended? Also, who is this new “Buster” that was introduced this past week? To what extent is WMU involved? These photos have spawned so many questions that all have yet to be answered and may never be.

The Black Sheep has reached out to the anonymous source promising to keep their anonymity in exchange for more information, but as of this article, there has not been a response. Who are you Mr. Anonymous? Is it you P.J.? Dunn?


We’re known to spew conspiracy theories on our podcast! 

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