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A Spooky Map of the Scariest Places at Western Michigan

Sure, on the surface Western seems like a student friendly campus where your wildest dreams will come true, but in reality, some pretty spooky shit has gone down. Every college has it’s share of ghost stories, but WMU may just have the creepiest past of them all. It doesn’t matter who you were gonna call, because The Black Sheep has a list of all the scariest places at Western Michigan: 

5.) Western Horror Story: Asylum:
While everyone is tailgating and having a grand old time, some students can’t forget that everyone is drinking in the shadow of a deserted insane asylum. It was shut down in 1990 and sat for eight long years before Western mysteriously decided to purchase it. It has been said that students who wander too close to the tower will hear the screams of the criminally insane and go crazy themselves. It’s safe to say that Evan Peters won’t show up to save you this season.

4.) Haunted McCracken Hall:
It’s a well known fact that McCracken has been haunted as hell for almost a century and that Western refuses to tear it down. What was once the first building on the brand new west side of campus has devolved into a boarded up ghost town for bums to break into. It may be the oldest building on this side of campus, but what secrets are WMU hiding that keep it from being torn down? Enough to keep you up at night, that’s for sure. 

3.) The horse graveyard:
Every Bronco that survived orientation knows that WMU was once nothing more than a giant farm where horses ran free. However, in the 1800’s there were no animal rights and the countless horses that couldn’t perform were slaughtered right where you do your homework now. Let that sink in for a minute. It has been confirmed that the rotting corpses of the original Western broncos are buried right beneath our feet, whose galloping spirits still haunt campus every night. That’s some dark shit. 

2.) Asylum lake woods:
There’s nothing creepier than being out in the woods in the middle of the night, but Asylum lake is a whole different story. When the nightly fog rolls in, all the freshmen who were getting high in the woods go running back to the valleys. Armed robberies, missing persons, and clown sightings have all been known to happen in this haunted forest, so if you absolutely have no other place to smoke weed in a hammock, at least bring a buddy.

1.) Paranormal activity at East Hall:
The oldest building at WMU founded by President Waldo himself has been ruining students’ underwear since it was founded in 1903. In 1933, a man stepped foot on the lawn and died of a mysterious heart attack. Since then, mysterious creeks, shadows, and slamming doors have all been reported so often that WMU literally had to hire paranormal investigators (not shitting you). As if East wasn’t creepy enough, President Waldo had his remains kept in the fucking building! You’re not sleeping tonight. 

It’s no secret that WMU can be can be creepy as hell when the leaves start to fall, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of your partying. When you go to a college that is 115 years old, ya gotta learn to deal with spookiness and drink the fear away.

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