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Top 10 Most Outrageous WMU Classes Offered

The WMU undergraduate course catalog is foreign to most. The majority of people don’t venture out of their required WMU classes, but there are those few occasions when you’re looking for that random class to fill your schedule. The Black Sheep scrolled through all 28 pages and found the top 10 most outrageous classes offered at WMU. 

NOTE: Yes, these are all real.

10.) PEGN 1440–Skiing–Alpine:
This class didn’t make sense to us at first, but then we realized that this is Kalamazoo; snow is our middle name. We’re assuming class is still held on campus thanks to our never-ending supply of hills.

9.) ADA 5450 – Alcohol, Drugs and Aging:
Actually, all WMU students should be enrolled in this course because becoming a college students means you’re also going to become an alcoholic.

8.) ANTH 4800–Garbage: Humans and their Refuge:
The first sentence of the description says, “What happens when you flush the toilet?” An entire class on garbage seems like garbage itself, right?

7.) ENGL 3080–Quest for Self:
Honestly, isn’t that what college is for? To learn more about ourselves? Somehow, WMU manages to get more money out of us by charging us hundreds for something that we can get for free.

6.) ENGL 5750–Icelandic Sagas in Translation:
What? The description says, “Readings in medieval Icelandic literature.” Which translates to, “No sane person voluntarily chooses this class.”

5.) HIST 3240–Everyday Life in America:
Wait… What? How can you turn actual life into a class? We’re still scratching our heads here.

4.) HPER 3550–Advanced Theory of Coaching:
The descriptions says this class is for physical education majors; AKA, gym teachers. We haven’t managed to stop laughing.

3.) PAPR 3030–Pulping and Bleaching:
This is one of the many classes on making your own paper. Yes, we said paper. There are so many questions to be answered; “How many trees died for this class?” “Who wants to make paper for a living? “Is paper making an actual major at WMU?”

2.) PEGN 1060–Canoe Camping:
We just hope this class doesn’t take place in the Kalamazoo River. 

1.) SOC 4790–Female/Male Interaction:
You can learn more about female/male interaction by watching a drunk guy hit on a girl at The Grotto. Don’t waste your time with this bullshit.

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