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Top 10 WMU Nap Spots for the Middle of the Day

If college has taught us anything, it’s that there’s never enough time in the day. Well, there is, but we prefer to spend it watching Netflix and eating Two Fellas. With our “busy” schedules, who has time for sleep? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 WMU nap spots on campus, so you’ll still have time to re-watch all 10 seasons of Friends and not do your homework in your spare time.

10.) The Flag Poles:
You may think that with all the strange Bible freaks and people passing out papers you’re just going to throw out (except The Black Sheep’s issues, right?) will make it impossible to sleep. But after listening to them shout the same things over and over again, it’ll bore you to sleep so fast you won’t even remember where you are.

9.) Knauss Lecture Halls:
This one is meant for napping with another person. Knauss’ too-close-for-comfort seating makes for the perfect cuddle spot. So grab your special someone and head over there between classes for a “nap” (if you catch our drift).

8.) Dalton Center:
This building houses fine arts classes. Find yourself a nice spot on the floor outside of a music room and prepare yourself for the sweetest sleep of your life. The sounds of Michigan’s future musicians is a thousand times better than any of those stupid sleep sound machines.

7.) The Bernhard Center Lobby:
One word: COUCHES. Where else are you going to find a hundred empty sleeping vessels in one place? The semi-soft, worn-out cushiony goodness will outweigh the fact that they’re filthy from the thousands of different asses that have sat on them.

6.) Anywhere in Sangren Hall:
Why Sangren Hall, you ask? Because this place is fucking beautiful. One of WMU’s newest buildings, the scenery alone is like a sweet, sweet lullaby, singing you slowly to sleep.

5.) Dunbar T.V. Studios:
Dark and gloomy, these studios are perfect for those looking to get some mid-day shuteye. If you can manage to get in while they’re not in use, make sure you’re on the opposite side of the camera. No one wants to find an hour-long video of you snoring while you sleep.

4.) Miller Auditorium:
One of our favorite spots when shows aren’t in town. This place is virtually empty most of the year and so quiet, you can hear a pin drop. You’ll have had such peaceful sleep, that you’ll awake questioning what year it is. If you’re looking for an uninterrupted nap, this is the place to beat.

3.) Third Floor of Brown Hall:
Remember that article we wrote about what WMU dudes want? Well if you’re looking to catch some shut-eye AND snag yourself a WMU hottie, then get to napping. By the time you wake-up, you’ll feel renewed and have 15 potential new boyfriends.

2.) Top Floor of Sprau Tower:
This hide-away is the perfect spot for a quick snooze. This hidden gem is home to one of the most beautiful views on campus. So grab yourself a pillow and a blanket, and find yourself a spot where you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of our beautiful campus.

1.) Miller Fountain:
The feeling of the sun’s warm rays on your skin is hard to beat. The combination of the fountain’s mist and the gawking passerby’s is sure to lull you to sleep. If the possibility of falling into two feet of water doesn’t scare you, then this is the perfect spot for you.

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