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Top 10: Things To Look Forward To at WMU

Welcome one, welcome all! The ‘Zoo is here to greet you, what with its kooky name and bitchin’ university. With another year officially going full-speed ahead it’s time to acquaint our Baby Broncos with this wonderful, albeit hilly, university. So, if you’re new here, below are 10 things you should be looking forward to this semester.


10.) Moving in to a new place: After a summer living in your childhood bedroom, nothing is greater than moving into an apartment where you are the master of your destiny. Most of the time your “destiny” involves heinous amounts of alcohol. 


9.) The Bronco Bash: During this back-to-school activities/business expo you can get anything from a t-shirt from the strip club to a coffee mug from the church! It’s a great way to become involved on campus. 


8.) Seeing President Dunn: Nothing is greater than seeing president Dunn on the streets of Kalamazoo! Whether he’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt or he’s decked out in a three-piece suit, he will always put a smile on your face. 


7.) Failing your first exam: The inevitable is… well, inevitable, and failing an exam first semester happens to a lot of us. Take it with pride and give yourself a beer, but make sure you shove your face back into that book for the next test.


6.) Hockey games: The Lawson Ice Arena is the best place to be on a Friday night in the early winter. The crowd is hyped and the players are mostly toothless! Basically, it’s like what football would be if we were actually good at it.


5.) Syllabus week: What is basically known as “welcome week round two,” syllabus week is a great way to find out just how irresponsible you can be when your parents don’t make you go to school. A great way to get nothing done but have the time of your life! 


4.) Your first puke: Whether it’s from indulging too much in the “Western Life” or it’s from eating a little too much food from the sketchy Valley 3 Caf, your first puke needs to be celebrated. Take it like a champ and when it’s all over pat yourself on your clammy back! 


3.) Football tailgates: With free bussing to and from the tailgate area, one can’t possibly miss the football tailgates! The rowdiness begins on September 20th when we play Murray State. But wait, there’s no state named Murray? 


2.) Central-Western weekend: It’s not easy to make a Bronco mad, but we will get pissed off if you bring up Central Michigan University. Central-Western weekend has been fueling our crazed rage for decades and it’s a great way to take out your anger on an innocent bystander. 


1.) Welcome Week: While most schools have just a mere weekend to celebrate their return to school, Western has an entire week. During Welcome Week, students throw insane parties in the late summer heat and create stories that last for a lifetime.

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