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The Top 5 Nonsexual Things About WMU That Turn You On

College is a time for you to experiment and find out about all the weird shit that turns you on. Here at WMU, there are far more turn-ons than that Tinder match you saw at the Rec, or your abnormal psych professor. If you’ve ever been to Western, you know that there is arousal around every corner, so for your pleasure, The Black Sheep has put together a list of the best nonsexual turn-ons here at WMU:

5.) Buster Bronco:Whether or not you’re a fan of Buster’s recent makeover, you have to admit that there is something about this goofy Bronco that really gets you going. Any gameday isn’t really complete until Buster comes out and turns on the whole student section at once with a little bit of “horsing around.” He may just be a dude in a horse costume, but Buster has the heart of every Bronco here.

4.) Sangren Hall:With a quarter of campus consisting of buildings that are over half a century old, a new building with central air and halfway decent lecture halls can turn you on big time. Just walking into the building gets most Broncos hot and heavy; the sleek design and trippy modern art are truly something to behold. Having a class in Sangren can make a school day go from shitty, to only kind of shitty.

3.) The Valley Dining Center:After a long day of school, work, drinking, or literally anything else, walking into the Valley Dining Center is the picture of satisfaction. There is nothing quite like having an endless buffet of food around you in every direction. No matter how much cafe experience you have, you should probably put on your bib before you walk up to the pizza counter. You don’t want to get to excited without protection…

2.) Tailgates:
Nothing gives a Bronco goosebumps and butterflies quite like walking up to a tailgate. Whether it’s hot as hell or pouring rain, every Bronco comes together on Saturdays to take part in the booze-fueled orgy that precedes football games. Every year, freshmen look forward to popping there tailgate cherry and experienced seniors still like it rough. Tailgate is a kink that you’ll never outgrow.

1.) “The Committee” sculpture:So this one is a little bit sexual, but it is definitely a classic WMU turn-on. Only a Bronco will recognize this beautiful piece of art that is smack-dab in the middle of campus, making it that much more sexy to you. While you probably don’t have a clue why this landmark exists, looking at these fine gentlemen going at it without a doubt lights your fire because it means you’re at Western.

Anytime you set foot on WMU’s campus, be prepared to be unequivocally turned on. There isn’t even a point in trying to avoid it because your arousal is truly inevitable. In fact, this list really only scratches the surface of all the things at Western that will get you going in all the best ways.


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