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5 Western Thanksgiving Parties You’re Going to This Weekend

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Broncos have been hungrily awaiting the return to their hometowns to finally eat the free home-cooked meal of a lifetime. While the excitement is incalculable, everyone at Western has been searching for Thanksgiving-themed parties to attend in the meantime. Here are the 5 delicious Western Thanksgiving parties you’ll hit up this weekend: 

 5.) Fratville Fratsgiving:
Down in the good ol’ Fratville, the dad sweaters and strong attempts at cooking are always at an all-time high at this time of year. While they do limit themselves to inviting only one girl per brother, you can simply flirt your way into being a frat boy’s date to this special party. Blazing up and chowing down on a bulky amount of food with a bunch of Bronco dudes has never been this exhilarating. 

4.) Pilgrim Bros & Indian Hoes:
People from all over Western could easily get in the spirit by coming together at Greenwood or Lafayette with this theme in particular. Once you walk into one of these parties, you’ll step back in time and watch the belligerence of your classmates dressed as inaccurate historical icons. You will certainly celebrate exactly the same way they did it back then—with plenty of seductive, culturally-insensitive Native American dances and drunken cheers! Here, you won’t find too many options for food specifically, but there might just be a punch bowl full of gravy and Grey Goose! 

3.) Thanks-taking:
This one is for you the daredevil south-siders out there. Remember during your first welcome week where you wandered all over Lafayette and Greenwood in hopes of finding a random place that happens to be throwing down? Well, Thanks-taking follows a similar structure, yet the goal is to steal as much food as you can from random house parties. You must make sure to hit up every house that’ll let you in because you never know if you’ll end up stealing dank leftovers or just a shit ton of pizza rolls. 

2.) Apple Cider Splurge:
One of your friends is bound to throw a party like this somewhere in Campus Court, where you only consume apple cider mixed with just about any expensive alcohol you could ask for. Fireball is always the way to go for this special combination, but at a party like this, you have potential to expand your horizons and splurge on a ridiculous amount of cider and god-knows-what your drunk ass will get into. Just hopefully not a sloppy walk down the Trail of Tears to the bathroom! 

1.) Drunk Turkey Trot:
Running a few miles in the cold Michigan fall weather on the fringe of winter isn’t the best idea if you show up sober (as if you actually cared about the race). Getting hammed allows you, your friends, and family the opportunity to turn the trot into your own party. Rip right through a case of Bud Light or Budweiser to warm up your body for a fairly successful run that you’ve been meaning to go on for quite some time.  

Thanksgiving parties haven’t been on the radar for many people in years past, but little do they know that those are certainly the kind of parties that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. A perfect blend of food and tons of alcohol will lift your spirits up and reveal how grateful you are for a liver that hasn’t failed on you yet. 

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