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5 Reasons Why WMU Aviation Majors Get More Ass Than You Ever Will

WMU aviation majors are bold enough to put themselves through such a prestigious program and are obviously the Broncos that acquire way more ass than the average Brad/Chad at Western. There is definitely something that needs to be said about aspiring pilots and the tail they pull, so we did say something. Here are five reasons why aviation broncos get more ass than you ever will: 

5.) They run the mile-high club: 
Sure, many people want to sleep with a pilot, but to do it when you’re both high up in the clouds on auto-pilot is something that is sought after among thousands of Broncos. Aviation majors are the ones to not only deliver upon that action but they are also quite literally the ones that run the mile-high club as a whole! No other liberal arts major or basic business major can provide such service.  

4.) They work hard = they need some ass: 
The aviation program definitely requires some heavy studying and a decent amount of knowledge of math and physics. But in between all the library time and flight time, these Broncos need to be satisfied in a manner that is both rewarding and exhilarating. Some nice ass can certainly deliver on both ends here, providing the right amount of adrenaline and passion to keep these aviation Broncos hard at work.

3.) They have more balls than you ever could: 
Keep in mind these dudes are flying fucking planes here, damn it! That is something no other Bronco could accomplish with their lack of balls and self-confidence. This kind of shit is what attracts the talent, and nothing turns them on more than a Bronco that can fly a goddamn plane into the sky and have the balls to land that shit. 

2.) They can’t ddrugs, so sex is their drug: 
Drugs are a huge no-go for these students, for it can prevent them from jobs and opportunities to fly. Therefore, the main thing that they can look to in order to keep them going is sex! This allows them to feel so much ecstasy…without the ecstasy! Going to the boneyard for a little horizontal tangoing satisfies the needs among both genders and creates a sensational amount of pleasure that is comparable to getting high on any other shit that you can attain in Kzoo! 

1.) They’re about to make more money than you ever could: 
These Broncos actually picked the right major instead of art history or philosophy. These students are bound to be making six figure by the time they’re 30. Nothing gets the people going more than a connection with a Bronco that’ll be making bank. A future pilot will be living the lavish lifestyle literally upon graduation and of course others want to be a part of that, this is how they have so much ass lined up for them for miles and miles.  

While you may wish you could switch to aviation, try to watch over your girl before a WMU aviation major someone straight outta Henry Hall-steals her. There’s simply no possible way of stopping these Broncos—ya might as well give up and get back to studying communications. 




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