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Entire WMU Campus Blacks Out After Oberon Day

Nearly all of WMU’s campus was blacked out yesterday until at least 10 a.m., school officials said, a day following the all-day drinking fest, Oberon Day.

“We had to do this,” a WMU official said, referring to the two-hour delay WMU students had. “My secretary was puking and sweating, saying, ‘Oh just fucking kill me,’ when she answered the first few phone calls of the day. The phone wasn’t even ringing because, duh, there was no electricity, but she just kept doing it.” 

The university was put under a two-hour delay as power was returned to the homes of students, and students woke later than usual, not remembering coming home to an apartment with no electricity when they went to bed. 

“It was weird, man,” said junior Rich Howard. “Me and a few buddies went to Bell’s on Monday afternoon, had one-to-eight Oberons, then, what do you know, it’s Tuesday, I have an 8 a.m., and nearly all of Kalamazoo is blacked out. When I tried getting out of bed, I couldn’t even see around me and was so dizzy, it was that dark.”



“I’ve been to Oberon Day before, but you could feel the whole town going hard this year around,” said Kalamazoo resident, Brian Sawyer. “Woke up really groggy yesterday morning, flipped on the coffee maker—which I found out later wasn’t working—and just sat there in the dark, collecting my thoughts, trying to figure out why I had a picnic table cloth stuffed in my jacket.” 

Employees of Bell’s Brewery said that they were not responsible for the citywide blackout and said that next year they hope more will attend Oberon Day to attempt a statewide blackout. 


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