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WMU Alum Corey Davis’ Twitter Reveals His Deepest Secret

It’s football season at WMU, and although this is the Broncos’ first year without superstar Corey Davis, his name is still in the mouth of everyone on campus. They say the Twitter account is the window to the soul, so The Black Sheep decided to dive into his tweets and find out what Corey is doesn’t want us to know:

It’s no secret that moving to Nashville from Kalamazoo would be a musical culture shock, but for Corey Davis, it might be more than that. After being drafted he tweeted about the need for a switch to country music listening, but it turns out the reason for this was much more disturbing than just broadening taste.

Tweeting song lyrics is like a sending out an encoding message about your feelings to the world, so we had no choice but to decipher his lyrical tweets. This Drake lyric is pretty pessimistic and the message is that the tables must have turned for Corey in some negative way. Hmm…

Another Drake quote that reveals two things: Maybe Corey is having second thoughts about his natural football gifts, and he really loves Drake’s music. We thought there may be a connection here so we kept digging.

So now we know the obsession with Drake and his music is deep, as well the fact that there is something weighin’ heavy on Corey’s conscience. That’s when we figured it out. The country music that engulfs Nashville is hitting him harder than anyone on the field. Being immersed in a strange new culture can be difficult for anyone, but for a superstar suffering from severe Drake withdrawals, it must be hell.

It’s crystal clear now that Corey is missing the old Drizzy vibes of his days in Kalamazoo, before his life was overrun with deafening banjos and acoustic guitars. It’s hard to say how much damage has already been done, but it’s obvious now that country music is killing our favorite football player.

This tweet proves that Corey still has a chance to pull through, survive this country overdose, and make it to the Super Bowl and those really big rings Drake is singing about. But he needs our help. It’s up to Broncos to pull together and help our school’s football icon survive. Gather up all your favorite Drizzy songs, albums, even just lyrics and send them to the Titans. It’s time to repay Corey for what he’s done for Western, we started at the bottom, and he got us here.


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