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10 Unique Ways to Decorate Your UW Graduation Cap

We all know the basic AF graduation cap designs that everyone does that say, “Thanks Mom & Dad,” or, “Finally done with this BS,” but frankly, they’re not original. So here are some better UW grad cap design ideas that will be sure to turn heads at commencement.

10.) The number of bottles of Burnetts you drank throughout college:

You were a college kid on a budget who liked to have a good time. Wear those plastic bottles with Badger pride!

9.) Stolen pitchers from the Terrace:

You take my money, I take your pitcher. Sorry not sorry. At least you didn’t take a Terrace chair (still recommend it though). You may never go to the Terrace again in your life (whoa), so show everyone at commencement that you are taking a little piece of Madison with you.

8.) Stack the textbooks you never used on your cap:

Never thought those books would come in handy, did ya? If you paid $350 for that chemistry book from freshman year that is still wrapped in plastic, flaunt it and get at least some of your money’s worth.

7.) Decorate with a bowl of your tears:

This is not the Wando’s fishbowl that everyone will be thinking of…#creative. This “fishbowl” consists of the copious mental breakdowns, stressful days, breakups, laughs, failed classes and everything in between.

6.) Stolen silverware from Gordon’s:

Again, you take my money, I take your forks. Not one part of you is sorry for stealing that fork and cup from Gordon’s in November of 2013 when you were feeling real ballsy. So why not show it off?

5.) Your student loans:

Thank god you went to a school that will get you (hopefully) a bomb ass job. Those loans will go away in no time!

4.) Underage drinking tickets:

Sometimes fun comes at a price, but it was still fun, so YOLO. Getting those tickets were some of the best times of college that you don’t remember. Might as well show them off.

3.) All the bar shot glasses you’ve stolen:

Don’t regret it. Not one bit. You’d do it again. And you probably will later that night.

2.) The Madison Metro bus passes you never used:

It’s not like getting a free bus pass was a bad idea, but you never had the time or the patience to wait for a bus. Besides, the 80 was free anyway and that was the only one you took. But you technically paid for the bus pass, so use those segregated fees as décor on your cap.

1.) All the papers your professors gave you a D on:


Whether you want to be basic af and write some BS about your BS, we don’t really care. We’d just pay big money to see someone roll up to graduation at Camp Randall with their unused textbooks stacked on their head.


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