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The 5 Best Daily Bar Specials in Madison Set to Save You from the Evils of the New Meal Plan

It’s been nary a month now since the unveiling of the university’s new meal plan that sent campus into an all-out food frenzy. As if living in the dorms wasn’t already bad enough, the university’s expectation that every student must pay $1,400 to spend on the low grade dogfood the dining halls offer in order to stay in their puke lined dorms is absurd. The policy has left many students who aren’t able to afford the high-roller meal plan looking for an answer as to how they will be able to eat. Luckily for them, an answer has arisen; move out of the dorms and eat at the bars. So fret no longer and start packing up your dorm room, these, the 5 best bar specials in Madison will make it so you can eat on the cheap every day, while at the same time sticking it to the meal plan (and if you need more specials — check out our bar grid!).

Monday — 3$ Sloppy Joes at Sconnies:
Nothing says Monday quite like a Sloppy Joe. This middle school classic comfort food will get your week started off on the right track. And at three dollars a pop, this is deal is hard pass up. There’s no better way to drown weekend sorrows and regrets than digging in to a warm sloppy joe… and at Sconnies, they’ll make ’em extra sloppy for you.

Tuesday — $5 chicken fingers and fries at State Street Brats + free bacon at Wando’s:
A Tuesday eating out will definitely erase any lingering feelings towards the dining halls, since it’s perhaps the best night of the week to justify going to bars. With $5 chicken fingers and fries at Brat’s plus FREE bacon at Wando’s, Tuesday’s will make you wonder why you ever settled for a cold, depressing bowl of Gordon’s pasta.

Wednesday — $1 burgers at Red Rock Saloon:
Hump Day blues no longer, courtesy of Red Rock Saloon. 1$ burgers every Wednesday. One. Dollar. Burgers…Enough said. How could you justify $1400 when Red Rock is over here slingin’ $1 burgers every week? 

Thursdays — $10 grilled cheese and fries with bottomless domestic taps at Kollege Klub:
Don’t let the price distract you from the fact that Kollege Klub is giving you a great deal to prevent you from staying in and studying on Thursday nights. It’s fair to say that a grill cheese and fries with as many beers as you need to wash it down with all for just ten bucks is damn near stealing. Not even sure why dining halls are even still in the picture after this deal.

Friday — $3-4-5 fish tacos at Chasers:
No better way to bring on the weekend than heading to Chasers and capitalizing on this lent friendly, taco bell shaming good deal. It provides you with the sturdy base your stomach needs on a Friday night, while saving you enough money to buy the first round. What more can you ask for?

Let’s face it, dorms were over rated anyway and no dining hall on campus is worth $1,400. So why put up with it when you can find your own place and just eat at the bars instead. I mean, we already drink their anyway, might as well start eating there now too.

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