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5 Signs You’re Experiencing November Burnout at UW

As you read the text on this page, you’re probably in a comfortable position, with one of your top-three junk foods within arm’s reach and homework nowhere to be seen. It’s the end of November, and frankly, you’re burnt out. Here at The Black Sheep, this feeling has been studied extensively and can now be diagnosed. You might have November Burnout if…

5.) You can’t study for more than 5 minutes straight:

Are you experiencing symptoms of a paper that really needs to get done, but you can’t go three sentences without another YouTube video? Diagnosis=November Burnout. This is the most common sign of Burnout, and is easily diagnosed in any major library or study area. It commonly runs students into a rut of not getting their work done, but who really needs to get their work done when life is just an endless cycle of despair…

 4.) You can’t get any work done unless food is involved:

That group project that’s due after Thanksgiving break has a meeting, and the only reason you’re going is because you know the team leader shares in your love for Cool Ranch Doritos. This is another clear sign of November Burnout. This can also be observed in the driving area outside of College Library, where hungry Badgers will be cramming two things: 1.) food into their oversized jowls and 2.) 4 weeks of physiology notes. At this point, that Thanksgiving break is sounding more appealing…

3.) The only thing you can focus on is Thanksgiving break:

Honestly, no one’s blaming you on this one. With all that turkey, family, and heated debates about everything from gun control to (for some reason) the color of Starbucks cups, there’s nothing at all that doesn’t make Thanksgiving break the best break of the year. Well, there’s Black Friday’s too… honestly, what could make this break better?? You’ve been obsessing about it since Halloween ended to the point where your friends think you hate them. School is secondary now. Tryptophan is all that matters… 

2.) You’re having a difficult time caring about school/grades in general:

So yeah, your grades might consist of two D’s, a C, and the lucky AB right now, but who cares? It’ll all work itself out. You’ve got about three grades you’re waiting on in each of those classes, and those could all be A’s, right? Plus, you’ve got the final in each of ‘em, which you’re gonna crush, obviously. Right? Like, there’s truly nothing to worry about, which is what you’re gonna tell mom and dad when you’re home for Thanksgiving. Because your advisor has ensured you that “there’s some way of finishing in four years, probably, maybe…” if you stay on the awesome 2.2 GPA track that you’re on right now. Everything’s fine, right? Right??

1.) Life is a hellish nightmare and oh god why did I choose this school, despair take me in your warm embrace:

Cry. Wallow in your self-pity. It may not fix your problem, but like, at least you can fully feel your emotions? Life is full of challenges, and you may not be crushing all of them right now, but you still matter and you’re still here on this Earth. Mother and father are waiting at home with a squash pie and family stories to embrace you. The struggle is almost over (except in December when it’s not). You might as well sink into a pool of self-loathing because, well, sometimes that’s the healthy thing to do.

Remember, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be stressed. Finish the pre-Thanksgiving semester strong. We believe in you! Go turn that C into a B and tell that 2.2 GPA to eat a dick!


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