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6 UW Valentine’s Cards For Your Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. There is less than a week until this day saturated with love, romcoms, and heart-shaped candy arrives. Sure, the 14th of February is all x’s and o’s once you meet with your significant other, but the preparation beforehand can be quite the hassle. What do you wear? What will you do? What gift will you give? As broke college students wallowing in our shallow wallets, buying a Valentine’s gift just isn’t something that we can afford, much less have the time to pick out.

Until now. Introducing UW-themed Valentines. 

These cards are the perfect gift. With their loving sentiments, affordability (all you have to do is print them out or send them via text!), and targeting you and your lover’s passion for UW-Madison. All you have to do is combine them with some candy or flowers – and BAM! – the magnetic desire between you two will be ignited.

1.) Talk Dirty to Me:


#1 Talk Dirty To Me

*Insert raised eyebrow emoji here* Move over Fifty Shades of Grey, because UW-Madison is where the sweet talk is happening now. This first card will be sure to speak straight to the heart of the passionate Badger fan in your life by going straight for what matters the most: Wisconsin itself. 

2.) Memorial Union/Union South:


#2 Memorial Union South

We all know what the Wisconsin Union is. We all love it, with its restaurants, hang out areas, and free events. Let your boy/girlfriend know that you want your own “experiences for a lifetime” by giving him/her this card.

3.) Love is a Maze:

#3 Love Is a Maze

We all have been to Humanities and know how impossible it is to orient yourself inside that building. Like love, it’s just one big maze. Your better half will know right away how much you would fight for them after reading this card.

4.) O Captain, my Captain!:


It’s Taylor Swift’s massive hit “Blank Space” wrapped up in a mediocre pun. And Chancellor Rebecca Blank is the core of life at UW-Madtown, so why not let your main squeeze know that they are the center of your life?

5.) Up All Night:

   #5 Up All Night

Send your bae the right message, the right way. Let them know that you will always be there for them, whenever they need you. But just on school nights. Weekends are kind of up in the air.

6.) The Climb:

#6 - The Climb

It’s another pun. It’s naughty. The winky face is pretty flirty. The end.

So forget about buying jewelry, cologne, clothes, or other expensive gifts. Obviously, these cards are the best gift that can be given this season. For an extra bonus, give these cards to your love buddy at various points throughout the day so that the affection can never end. Use one as a placemat for their breakfast, an email during class, or maybe slide one under the door while they’re taking their daily deuce. Make this Valentine’s Day 2k16 one to remember.

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