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7 Hats that Would Look Less Stupid on Katie Couric

It was announced last week that Katie Couric would be speaking at graduation. She let the world know on her infinitely popular internet news program, Yahoo! News, while wearing a silly hat. In fact, almost every graduation speech she’s given has been whilst sporting a dumb-looking hat. We thought we’d put up some more ideas of hats for her to wear that might look… a little less stupid.


7. A Coonskin Cap:

Reminiscent of her hunting days with Dick Cheney, Ms. Couric is no stranger to the coonskin cap. Look the way the tail drapes from her head rather than a big mess of ugly like the other hats.


6. A Cowboy Hat:

Were she to wear a cowboy hat, Katie could have pulled of an ironic angle. Like “Hey everyone! This is Wisconsin! Let’s go russle up some cattle!” Oh, how everyone would laugh confusedly as they tried to figure out if she was joking.


5. A Fez:

Rather than the popular Dr. Who fez look where the hat encompasses your whole head, Katie prefers a more antiquated Aladdin-type hat (as can be seen on his monkey, Abu). The Fez is normal sized, but is only able to sit atop her gigantic head.


4. A Propeller Beanie:

With this beautiful number, Ms. Couric could inspire us to ascend to the heavens and reach for the sky. I’m sure with all the money she’s making as a… Yahoo! News anchor that she can afford a real, working helicopter beanie.


3. A Cheesehead:

Wouldn’t it be a laugh if she wore this to graduation? It’s really more for Packers games, but—oh, wait! She already wore it when she announced she was speaking at graduation.


2. A Dr. Seuss Hat:

The best hat to wear if Ms. Couric is going with the typical Oh the Places You’ll Go graduation speech. We don’t see her thinking up anything more creative than a children’s book or “I went through tough times, so… never stop following your dreams, Badgers!”


1. A Pork Pie Hat:

Everyone knows Katie Couric is a huge Walter White fan! Back in her college days she sold/smoked a bit of meth just like her hero. Maybe she should show the world her wild side and cap a few people in her speech. She is the danger.

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